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Pastry Bags & Tips

Pastry Bags And Tips - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

To create a unique decoration of your cakes, pies, doughnuts and other baked goods, use our variety of pastry bags and tips. Pastry Bags are extremely versatile and can be used to fill eclair, shape pastries and to pipe whipped cream. Make beautiful flowers and curved strips from wiped crГЁme, fill eclairs with rich chocolate or vanilla cream and even serve mashed potatoes with these essential kitchen tools.

For every type and size of foodservice operation, McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers different kind of pastry bags:

  • Disposable Pastry Bags
  • Canvas Decorating Bags
  • Superflex Pastry Bags
  • Large Couplers Tips
  • Ruffle Decorating Tips
  • French Star Decorating Tips

    We carefully selected most trusted brands, including Winco and Ateco, to provide you only high quality items by affordable prices.

    McDonald Paper represents a wide range of shapes, colors and materials of these items to suit your most demanding requirement. The high quality materials make these essential items very durable and long lasting. Choose a canvas pastry bag to pipe thick dough. If you need the pastry bag for the oily product, the plastic-coated bag is the one that will work best for your needs. And of course the decorating tip is required to fit on the end of the pastry bag. The tips also come in a variety of sizes and designs. It is crucial to have the right pastry tip to make sure your cake or pie looks exclusive and with the dash or originality. On our web site, you can find the tips that are sold in sets so you will be prepared for any upcoming event. Designed to carry out multiple tasks, safe and easy to use, these decorating tools are perfect additions to any professional kitchen.

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