Cooking Thermometers

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  1. Maverick ET-73, Remote Smoke Thermometer
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Cooking Thermometers

Restaurant Thermometers - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

For consistently delicious results, chefs rely on thermometers to ensure their dishes are cooked to perfection. McDonald Paper carries a variety of thermometers that are specifically designed for different kinds of food. We have thermometers to prepare everything from meats and french fries to pastries and hot beverages.

If you`re wondering where to buy ideal items for your foodservice establishment, make sure to check our kitchen thermometer types:

  • Freezer Thermometers
  • Pocket Test Thermometers
  • Floating Thermometers
  • Digital Roasting Thermometer
  • Single Probe Thermometers
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers competitive prices for the purchase of cooking thermometers by reputable vendors such as Maverick, Winco, Thunder Group and others.

    Since cooking temperatures vary for every protein, thermometers are an essential tool for making certain that meat is cooked to the required degree of doneness at its core. For best results when deep-frying or melting chocolate, obtaining precise temperature readings is crucial. With easy-to-read temperature displays, our sturdy metal thermometers are built for accuracy and convenience. Our pocket test thermometer is very essential item to ensure that food is cooked at a right temperature, especially when you making dishes at catering events. Use oven thermometer if you do a lot of baking or making dishes that are very temperature sensitive. It has a hook and standing panels, so you can find the most convenient way to use it. For the perfect meal prep at commercial and home kitchen, choose infrared thermometer. This item is an ideal for tracking the temperature of all kinds of cooked or baked goods without the risk of cross-contamination. Also most of our products are NSF certified and meet strict standards for public health protection.

    Check out McDonald Paper Cookware and Food Prep Tools sections to create your unique cooking outfit.