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  1. Dexter Russell 4215, 5-inch Fish Knife
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  2. Dexter Russell 41842-6, 6-inch Beef Skinner
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Meat Slicing Knives

Carving And Slicing Knives - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Meat slicing knives are essential tools in every chef’s cutlery set. They are designed to meet highest standards of professional kitchen, ensuring even slices from large pieces of meat. Slicing knives can be used to slice raw or roasted meats at any restaurant, cafe, or catering business. At McDonald Paper you will find perfect items to meet your needs.

Check out our carving knives options to find high quality products for commercial and home use:

  • Sheep Skinner Knife
  • Cimeter Steak Knife
  • Granton Edge Slicing Knife
  • Scalloped Slicing Knife
  • Spear Point Carving Knife
  • Carbon Steel Slicer Knife
  • Choosing from our impressive selection of slicing knife manufacturers such as Capco, Mundial, Dexter Russell and Winco will help you to minimize your expenses and decrease waste.

    McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers knives with huge variety of blade lengths and style. Choose from many different handle materials like rubber, plastic and wood, to find comfortable grip for fast and safe cutting. Use cimeter steak knife with plastic handle to dicing salt pork, cubing cooled meats, cutting steaks and trimming raw meat with ease. If you need item for cutting pork roasts, boneless chicken and turkey breasts, as well as large hams, choose roast beef slicer. Due to the stainless steel construction of the blade, these items are very durable and corrosion resistant. For other food prep tasks buy slicer with POM handle. Its well-balanced and lightweight construction reduces pressure on a wrist, provides optimal control and offers unparalleled comfort in use. With this slicer knife you will serve meat delicacies in style. With granton, smooth, straight or serrated edge slicer knives options, you can choose the best one for your special food preparation. Many of meat slicing knives from our collection are NSF approved.

    Our store also carries a good selection of Utility Knives and Chef Knives for added convenience and maximum comfort in your kitchen.