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  1. Winco AS-58, 58-Ounce Aluminum Scoop
    SKU: AS-58
  2. Winco AS-38, 38-Ounce Aluminum Scoop
    SKU: AS-38
  3. Winco AS-24, 24-Ounce Aluminum Scoop
    SKU: AS-24
  4. Winco SSC-3, 3-Quart Utility Scoop
    SKU: SSC-3
  5. Winco AS-85, 85-Ounce Aluminum Scoop
    SKU: AS-85
  6. Winco SSC-2, 2-Quart Utility Scoop
    SKU: SSC-2
  7. Winco AS-12, 12-Ounce Aluminum Scoop
    SKU: AS-12

Food Scoops

Food Scoops

One frequently ignored hero takes the stage in the symphony of culinary skill, where every item performs an important part - the food scoop. Dive into the realm of culinary innovation with scoop tools that revolutionise the way we cook and serve, delivering efficiency as well as elegance. Food scoops' adaptability defies borders, making them a vital tool in any kitchen, from food aficionados to expert chefs.

Scoops are More Than a Kitchen Tool

Formerly associated with ice cream shops, scoops have become a necessary kitchen tool. McDonald Paper offers a varied assortment of food scoops created to fulfil the individual demands of every culinary aficionado. These cooking scoopers go beyond the usual, altering how we approach cooking, whether you're operating a crowded restaurant or experimenting in your kitchen.

Unveil Culinary Mastery

Cooking scoops, often known as kitchen scoops, are unsung heroes that help you achieve more accuracy in your culinary endeavours. These scoops are available in various sizes, ensuring that you have the right tool for any job, from measuring ingredients to creating consistent servings. The scoop tools give a degree of precision that lifts your cooking to an art form, enabling you to make meals that are not only tasty but also visually gorgeous.

Bulk Food Scoops for the Win

Bulk food scoops are a game changer for individuals who work with large volumes. These durable scoops are intended to easily handle huge amounts of materials, expediting the cooking process in industrial kitchens and catering events. Say goodbye to the time-consuming effort of measuring and scooping individual portions; bulk food scoops enable you to work quickly while maintaining accuracy.

Elevate Your Presentation with Scooping and Placing

Scooping utensils, often known as scoopers, are useful and hidden weapons for improving your food presentation. These scoopers' clean lines and uniform quantities provide a professional touch to your meals, making them not only a joy for the mouth but also a feast for the eyes.

Since the world of culinary arts moves at a breakneck rate, uniqueness is very necessary. As a result of the shifting requirements of modern cooks, the design of the Scoops kitchen has undergone significant changes. These scoops are designed to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen while also adding a touch of sophistication to your collection of scoop utensils. They are constructed with ergonomic designs and materials that are durable.


Since its inception, the modest scooper food has developed into a versatile culinary utensil that serves various purposes beyond its original function. Both the accuracy with which they cook and the simplicity with which their bulk food scoops may be used have contributed to the rapid ascent of these gadgets to the position of standard for chefs of all skill levels. By gaining an understanding of the many applications of food scoops, you may gradually unleash your full ability in the kitchen.