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  1. Imperial IRSB-36, 36-Inch Gas Salamander Broiler
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  2. Vulcan 36ESB-208, Electric Salamander Broiler
    SKU: 36ESB-208
  3. Vulcan 36ESB-240, Electric Salamander Broiler
    SKU: 36ESB-240
  4. Vulcan 36ESB-480, Electric Salamander Broiler
    SKU: 36ESB-480
  5. Vulcan 36IRB-N, Gas Salamander Broiler
    SKU: 36IRB-N
  6. Vulcan 36IRB-P, Gas Salamander Broiler
    SKU: 36IRB-P
  7. Vulcan 36RB-N, Gas Salamander Broiler
    SKU: 36RB-N
  8. Vulcan 36RB-P, Gas Salamander Broiler
    SKU: 36RB-P
  9. IKON ISB-36, 36 inch Gas Salamander Broiler
    SKU: ISB-36

Salamander Broilers

Salamander broilers are multifunctional cooking appliances widespread in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and catering businesses. These strong broilers employ intense radiant heat to cook a broad range of items fast and evenly, from melting cheese to scorching meats. We will look at the characteristics and advantages of salamander broilers, emphasizing their significance in professional culinary environments.

Cooking Versatility

Salamander broilers are a versatile cooking tool that can be used to prepare a wide range of dishes. They're great for melting cheese, toasting bread, gratinating foods, caramelizing sweets, and adding a final touch to cuisine. Chefs can manage the strength of the heat and produce the required outcomes for varied recipes by using adjustable heat settings and placing racks.

Gas Salamander Broilers for Superior Performance

Their quick heating capabilities and accurate temperature control make them popular in professional kitchens. They use natural gas or propane to provide rapid and constant heat for efficient cooking. Chefs can obtain exact amounts of browning and caramelization using gas salamander broilers because they provide superior control over the cooking process.


Restaurant salamander broilers are built for high-volume cooking and demanding kitchen conditions. They are excellent for regular and vigorous usage because of their sturdy structure, adjustable racks, and easy-to-clean surfaces. Restaurant salamander broilers, because of their small size, may be readily positioned on worktops or hung on walls to maximize kitchen space.

Propane Salamander Broilers

Outdoor salamander broilers are perfect for outdoor cooking lovers or companies that need portable cooking solutions. These broilers are built to resist the environment while producing intense and accurate heat. Propane salamander broilers are perfect for outdoor events, food trucks, and catering businesses since they can run on propane fuel.

We have a large assortment of commercial salamander broilers at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, including gas, restaurant, outdoor, and propane versions. Our variety of choices assures that you can discover the perfect broiler for your unique cooking requirements and kitchen arrangement.


Salamander broilers are crucial tools in professional kitchens because they provide quick, intense heat for precision cooking. These broilers improve the culinary experience in restaurants and catering businesses because of their adaptability, gas-powered performance, and durability. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies provides the appropriate broiler to boost your cooking skills and surprise your clients with perfectly seared meals, whether you require a strong gas salamander broiler or a portable outdoor alternative.