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Pizza Boxes: Choose Only a Reliable Supplier 

It is rare to meet a person who does not like pizza. It is a great dish ideal for large companies or a romantic evening. And most often, we order pizza on takeout. Therefore, restaurants and cafes should seriously consider choosing suppliers of disposable items to deliver an order to customers of good quality. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies knows a lot about this, as it has been a reliable supplier in this area for 28 years. Therefore, you are on the right page if you think about where and how to buy such boxes for your business that after using, customers can throw away the empty pizza boxes. 

How to Choose a Pizza Box?

The box choice largely depends on the pizza itself since you must choose the box rather than vice versa. Therefore, if you have square pizza, there are more suitable options than a round box. So, how to make a choice?

  • Pay attention to the shape and material. Most often, people choose a cardboard pizza box of various shapes. It is the most convenient and safe option for the environment. 
  • Pay attention to prices. Usually, the larger the order is, the more profitable the wholesale price is. But you should also choose something other than a supplier based on these criteria. Plain, corrugate pizza box or any other disposable tableware forms your reputation among customers.
  • If you have any doubts, buy a few boxes and test them. 

Best Pizza Boxes at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

"Pizza box bulk" is probably what you entered into Google, but we can offer you much more than ordinary boxes. We have an affordable price, excellent quality, and years of impeccable reputation. In our assortment, you will find: 

  • Corrugated pizza boxes;
  • Square boxes for pizza;
  • Euro-style pizza boxes;
  • White pizza boxes.

No matter how much sum you have for your boxes, we can satisfy your requests without additional cost. If you are in or near Brooklyn, we will be glad to see you in our showroom or view our site with a full assortment. We are also ready to deliver your order to NY, NJ, PA, and other US states.