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  1. Winco BW-PS5, 11-Inch Pie Server
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Cake Servers

The proper utensils can make all the difference when presenting mouthwatering delicacies like cake, pie, or pizza to guests. The correct cake server, pizza server, or pie server can make all the difference whether you're a professional baker or a home cook. We here at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies know how crucial these tools are for your business, which is why we have many of them.

Elegant Cake Servers for Any Party

Serving utensils like cake servers have come to represent more than just their practical purpose. A beautifully crafted cake server can make every celebration feel more special. We have various cake servers, from simple stainless steel models to elaborate silver-plated ones. Whether you're cutting into a massive wedding cake or a small birthday cake, our cake servers will handle the task with poise and precision.

The Best Pizza, Served by the Best Staff

Pizza, a global favorite comfort food, requires a server who can handle all the cheese. Our pizza servers are made with long-lasting materials and comfortable handles for effortless slicing and dishing. We have a variety of pizza wheels and spatula-equipped servers to meet your needs. Put away your pizza cutter and say welcome to neatly cut slices.

An Essential Pies Item

To all those who enjoy pies, good news! Our pie servers are made specifically for serving and slicing pies. These servers have serrated blades and comfortable grips to ensure every piece looks as good as it tastes. Our pie serving utensil, like a pie scoop, will help you make beautiful slices of any pie, whether an apple pie or a chocolate silk pie.


The proper dessert server, whether a cake server, pizza server, or pie server, can bring a touch of class and convenience to any meal. Serving up a slice of perfection is easy when you use one of the many cake and pie servers available from McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. Our premium cake and pie servers will instantly upgrade your dessert spread.