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  1. Nemco 55700, Easy Flower Onion Cutter
    SKU: 55700
  2. Nemco 55050AN, Spiral Fry Potato Cutter
    SKU: 55050AN
  3. Nemco 55050AN-CT, Straight Chip Twister Cutter
    SKU: 55050AN-CT
  4. Nemco 55050AN-R, Manual Ribbon Fry Cutter
    SKU: 55050AN-R
  5. Nemco 55600-1, 0.18-Inch Easy Tomato Slicer
    SKU: 55600-1
  6. Nemco 55600-2, 0.25-Inch Easy Tomato Slicer
    SKU: 55600-2

Choppers, Mills & Cutters

Food Mills, Cutters And Choppers - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

A big commercial kitchen is impossible without choppers and mills. In times of lunch breaks and dinner hours, there is always a rush in the kitchens. We offer a range of fruit and vegetable cutting tools in order to save your time and increase productivity of food preparation.

Whether your chefs need to slicing, dicing, shredding, wedging, and coring fruits or vegetables quick, our manual food choppers, slicers and cutters come in handy. Choose from the variety of items to meet your establishment`s needs:

  • Kattex Onion Quick Slicer
  • Tin Food Mill
  • Vegetable Wedge Cutter
  • Double Blade Food Chopper
  • Quick Chop Vegetable Dicer
  • We carefully selected most trusted brands such as Winco and Tellier France to provide you only hight quality manual prep tools by affordable prices.

    McDonald Paper offers a huge assortment of choppers, cutters and mills with different size, material and application. High quality metal and plastic construction of these tools guarantee extreme durability and convenience in use. Different multi shaped blades will allow you to diverse your dishes by using just a single slicer. Choose onion quick slicer to create symmetrical slices of onions for your dishes. Its features an incredibly sharp blade that creates 1/4-inch slices really quick. Use Kattex chopper and dicer to dice potatoes, peppers, zucchini, fruits and more easy and effortlessly. Choose single blade chopper for chopping herbs, greens, vegetables and more with ease. We have also marble mortar and pestle set which will help you to crush, grind and powder herbs, spices and other products. Make sure to order these versatile items for your restaurant, cafe or bistro, in order to ease everyday preparation cycles in your kitchen.

    Check out McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies wide selection of French Fry Cutters and Mandolines & Slicers to become a professionally equipped establishment.