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Chafer Fuel

Rubbing fuel is designed to keep food at the proper temperature when served. 

Choosing the right chafing fuel can increase profits and reduce accidents caused by improper use. 

If you have a restaurant, cafe, bistro, catered event, or other food service business, frying fuel always comes in handy! With our pan chafing dish fuel canisters, your food will stay hot for hours and ready to serve. Choose products with different burn times depending on your preference, from near 1 hour to 6 hours of heat.

Types of Fuels

In fact, chafing fuel cans is one of the most popular products for restaurants, caterers and hotels that specialize in buffets and banquets, as well as caterers.

Both ethanol and methanol are excellent fuel sources for fryers. Both come in the form of a gel for fryer fuel and are similar in consistency; however, the viscosity can vary from brand to brand. Product design as well as operating procedures can also vary depending on the brand of gel chafing fuel used.

Products from McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

With the huge range of chafing fuels at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs:

  • Glycol rubbing fuel
  • Gel rubbing fuel
  • Liquid rubbing fuel
  • Wick rubbing fuel

McDonald Paper offers different types and compositions of fryer fuel cans. 

Supplied by an industry leader, this fuel burns with a high BTU flame output and provides a long, even heating effect. Each chaffing can of fuel is labeled with the most detailed product information for exceptional safety and ease of use. For added convenience, the can features a screw-on lid when the product is not in use.

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