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Stainless Steel Covers

Stainless Steel Covers For Pans And Pots - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

We offer a huge range of stainless steel covers for any type of food pans and cookware. The premium quality material used in the manufacture of our covers, offers unmatched durability and reliability. In addition, it is deal for ovens, steam tables and salad bars.

Make sure to check out McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies huge assortment of stainless steel covers options:

  • Slotted Steam Table Pan Covers
  • Solid Steam Table Pan Covers
  • Table Pan Notched Covers
  • Stainless Steel Pot Covers
  • Hinged Covers For Insets
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies provides competitive prices for the purchase of stainless steel lid covers by reputable manufacturers such as Thunder Group, Winco and PrestoWare.

    Whether your chefs need to ensure their food products stay in a perfect condition, our stainless steel steam table pan covers and pot covers come in handy! All of the items are heat- and freezer-safe, which helps store food while keeping its freshness and taste intact anywhere. Round, rectangle and square, solid and hinged - you will definitely find a suitable one for your kitchen needs. Choose solid stainless steel steam table pan cover for full-size steam table pan by Winco. This is a matching tight fitting solid pan cover with handle, which will save food from contamination and increase the efficiency of heat retention. Select red silicone seal stainless steel cover for half size pan and be sure that this item will survive the rigors of constant use. Our stainless steel hinged cover for 11 qt inset is a useful item, which has a comfy plastic knob and hinged design to make it convenient to lift without finding a place on a counter to put it while serving food and easy to place back.

    McDonald Paper also has an unbeatable selection of Stainless Steel Pans & Insets and Food Storage & Organization sections for any type and size of foodservice operation.