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  1. CLOSEOUT - Reynolds 10863, 32 Oz Clear PET Plastic Bowl w/ Hinged Flat Lid, 150/CS
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Plastic Containers & Lids

Plastic Containers & Lids: Easy to Carry and Safe to Store Food

Plastic food containers are one of the best choices for disposable tableware. In our showroom, you can find various sizes and shapes to organize your kitchen. They can be folded into each other for compact placement on the refrigerator or kitchen furniture shelves.

Most often, plastic products are used for dry products and short-term storage of ready meals. They will come in handy if you carry lunch to work or give a snack to your child at school. At the same time, plastic should be heated only a little or stored in the freezer for a long time. Similar containers are also used for commercial purposes, for example, a chain of restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. It allows them to serve customers as comfortably, quickly, and safely as possible.

What to Know When Choosing ​​Plastic Container Wholesale

When choosing reliable suppliers, you should consider a few basic rules when choosing and further using restaurant plastic containers:

  • Avoid ceramic containers. Ceramics is a porous material and will not protect your food from the air. Because of this, food stored in such a container spoils faster and does not keep the required temperature.

  • Square or rectangular containers use space more efficiently than round ones. It is not a mandatory rule. But if you need to do some packing for takeaway food, containers of these forms will be more practical. Just take it to go and be sure the food is safe.

  • Only use a container larger than you need for storage, especially for freezing. Because of this, air can enter, which will lead to the spoilage of products.

  • Use plastic containers with lids. You do not have to look for lids that could fit your containers since the kit already has a suitable one.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Is Always Near You

Our company takes a holistic approach. We are ready to supply clear plastic food containers for you and tell you more useful information about them. It will help you make an informed purchase of the containers you need and not throw away the wrong ones. In addition, you can personally grade the quality of our containers and other disposable tableware. How and where? Coming to our showroom in Brooklyn. Or use the online service and order NY, NJ, and PA shipping.