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Food Strainers - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Strainers are items in constant use in any commercial kitchens. Whether your chefs need to strain out noodles, separate fruit pulp from juice, wash vegetables and other food preparation tasks, kitchen strainers come in handy. Our professional strainers allow to remove excess water as well as unnecessary particles and residues so that the presentations of dishes will be flawless.

Whether you run a restaurant, a cafe, a catering event or other food service operation, be sure to find a commercial strainers to meet your establishment`s needs at McDonald Paper website:

  • Reinforced Bouillon Strainers
  • China Cap Strainers
  • Aluminum Spaghetti Strainers
  • Stainless Steel Chinois Strainers
  • Deep Bowl Strainers
  • We always ready to offer perfect kitchen hand tools at the best prices and from time-tested manufacturers such as Winco, Thunder Group and others.

    The stainless steel construction of our high quality strainers resists corrosion so that these essential tools will last for years. With our huge assortment of different shapes and sizes, types and styles, you'll find the right units for your every need. Choose our stainless steel pasta strainer with small perforation design, for straining spaghetti, washing raw vegetables and a lot more other tasks. Its construction exceptionally robust and reliable, which is important for work with boiling liquids in fast-paced kitchen environment. Our round strainer with long handle is a versatile addition for sifting, frying and draining foods. We have also an array of strainers with different mesh for any kind of food prep options. Use single fine mesh strainers for strain stocks and sauces. If you need to strain glaze or gravy, use our medium double mesh strainers. These items have one or two outer hooks that allow attaching a strainer to the pan for a convenient using. Call us today and make an order!

    As for additional accessories for your kitchen be sure to stock up on Colanders and French Fry Cutters to fulfill your kitchen equipment.