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  1. Winco SCAL-D22 Digital Portion Scales, 22 lbs, EA
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  2. Winco SCAL-960, 9-Inch Dial 60-Lbs Scale
    SKU: SCAL-960
  3. Winco SCAL-810, 10-Lbs Scale
    SKU: SCAL-810
  4. Winco SCAL-820, 8-Inch Dial 20-Lbs Scale
    SKU: SCAL-820
  5. Winco SCAL-840, 8-Inch Dial Scale
    SKU: SCAL-840
  6. Winco SCLH-2, 32-Ounce Kitchen Scale
    SKU: SCLH-2
  7. Winco SCAL-9100, 9-inch Dial 100-Lbs Scale
    SKU: SCAL-9100
  8. Winco SCAL-66, Scale with 6-Lbs Graduation
    SKU: SCAL-66
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Commercial Food Scales by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

We offer a great selection of commercial kitchen scales to meet the needs of any food service establishment. All you need to do is to choose from many options with the capacity varying from 2 to 600 lbs. Supplied by trusted manufacturers, these food weighing scales provide convenient control and accurate measurement results every time.

If you're wondering which item is the best choice for your foodservice business, make sure to check our portion scales options:

  • Digital Portion Scales
  • Digital Cooking Scales
  • Computing Scales
  • Chinese Cattis Scales
  • Cash Register Interface Scale
  • Receiving Scales
  • Label Printing Scales

McDonald Paper offers competitive prices for the purchase of restaurant scales by reputable vendors such as Easy Weigh, Thunder Group, Winco and other.

We provide food service scales in a variety of types, materials, styles, and sizes, be sure to find the perfect unit to meet your establishment`s needs! You can choose a countertop or floor scales, scales for indoors or outdoors operations, for counter service or warehouse high volume operations, digital food weighing scales or price computing scales.

Furnished with both lbs and kg calibration, scales save up your time for converting measurement result as the need arises. Our printing scales can be effortlessly adapted to replace any scale without having to change your current label stock; moreover, they allow you to design up to 16 of your custom label formats. Thanks to large LED display for weight and pricing, such units are extremely easy in use.

Cleaning and maintenance are effortless with durable stainless steel platform and housing. Thanks to the compact construction, any of these scales is a true space-saving solution even for the most cramped commercial kitchen.

We have all sorts of retail scales with printer and digital produce scales designed to serve delis, fruit stands, candy stores, coffee shops, and other places where packaged products are sold.

Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, convenience store or other business, our digital food scales always come in handy!

For more options on food preparation equipment, check our Food Processors and Blenders sections.

McDonald Paper has been a reliable supplier of top rated food scales for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner.

Are you looking where to find the most affordable label printing scales for sale? Visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality and variety of scales for food.