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Kitchen Funnels And Basters - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Funnels and basters play an important role in professional kitchens. Whenever you need to transfer soup, meat or vegetable stock, fruit juice, lemonade or any other big amount of liquid, these kitchen tools will help you out. Use our kitchen basters and funnels in restaurants, cafes, bakeries and catering businesses.

With a huge assortment of food funnels and basters at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs:

  • Basters With Rubber Bulbs
  • Wide Mouth Funnels
  • Funnels With Strainers
  • Professional Confectionery Funnels
  • Long-Stemmed Funnels
  • We carefully selected most trusted brands such as Thunder Group and Winco, to provide you only reliable and high quality products.

    Durable materials and sturdy construction guarantees exceptional convenience in use. Different shapes and sizes are perfect for both rare and regular operations with liquids. Choose spun aluminum funnel to measure and pour ingredients while cooking. This funnel is made with one piece of spun aluminum which ensures durability and functionality. Long-stemmed funnel is ideal for liquid transferring. It has a round shape and plastic construction. Our dia neck funnel has a wide neck to allow you to pour in liquids with chunks in them such as soups. Moreover, we have stainless steel racks for funnels and basters with rubber bulbs to create your unique cooking outfit. Make sure to get couple of these essential tools for your kitchen in order to ease everyday preparation cycles.

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