Social media marketing for restaurants helps eateries attract new, loyal customers. If you have any doubt that this form of marketing will work for you, consider the following:

  • 3+ billion people use Facebook each month
  • 2.49 billion people use YouTube
  • 2 billion people use Instagram
  • 1.5 billion people use TikTok

If you want to reach your ideal target market, you can be sure that they’re on social media. Restaurants marketing campaigns must include social media as part of the entire marketing plan.

But how?

We’re going to share ten ideas that will help you master social media, find ways to attract new customers and even entice current customers to come in more often.

restaurant social media ideas

10 Social Media Marketing for Restaurants Ideas in 2024

Sprinkle in some – or all – of these social media marketing ideas for your eatery and you’re sure to see a return on your investment.

1. Post More Video-based Content

Video marketing is one of the most engaging forms of content available. If you’re struggling to keep followers or subscribers engaged, try posting more videos. A few ideas for your videos as part of your marketing are:

  • Show behind-the-scenes content
  • Show off some of the main items on your menu
  • Showcase your team making dough (for a pizza place) or other special items

Whether you use Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube, you’ll find that video gets more views and engagement from your audience.

2. Offer Followers Discounts – They Love Them

What’s an idea that works for every business imaginable? Offer discounts through one of your posts. You can even ask the person to:

  • “Share this post and use the coupon below to save XX%.”
  • “Like this post and take XX% off of your next order by using the link below.”

Simply telling your followers what steps to take next is more than enough to make them take action. Plus, everyone loves something for a little less.

3. Try Social Media Ordering

You can’t do this on every social media network, but you can on Meta. You can integrate Slice or right on your Facebook page. And when you do this, it makes it much easier for anyone following you to place an order right from Facebook.

Most social media sites do not offer this easy way of ordering, but be sure to leverage it if they do.

4. Start Adding Polls to Your Post

Engagement is the name of the game with social media. If you have a very engaged audience, you’ll have an easier time turning them into loyal customers and keeping retention high.

But how can you keep your audience engaged?

It depends on the social network that you opt to use. Let’s assume that you’ll be using Instagram. When you add a post, be sure to add a “sticker,” and then choose “poll.”


You can then ask your followers to vote on their:

  • Favorite foods
  • Next food item to add to your menu
  • Favorite flavors
  • Etc.

People want to be heard, and you can offer this through polls.

5. Run Competitions

One of the best restaurant social media campaigns is to run a competition. Your followers or subs can square off against each other to:

  • Win tickets to a show
  • Win a free meal
  • Be able to name your next menu item
  • Etc.

6. Hop on Every Holiday/Special Day Trend Possible

If you don’t know what to post next for your restaurant social media strategy, see if there’s a trend that you can hop on. Of course, you can jump on trends for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, but what about:

  • National Coffee Day?
  • National Donut Day?
  • National Pizza Day?
  • Other events or holidays?

7. Show Behind the Scenes Content

Need ideas for creative Facebook posts for restaurants? Take customers behind the scenes at your restaurant. 

Your customers want to see the people behind your restaurant and get to know them. You can show how you prepare dishes or your staff enjoying a good laugh together. Moments like these humanize your restaurant, build trust and help get more customers through your door.

8. Curate User Generated Content

One of the best restaurant social media ideas is to share user-generated content. User-generated content is content created by your customers. 

Let’s say that someone stops in for lunch, snaps a photo and shares it on Instagram. They tag your restaurant, and you see the mention in your notifications. You can share that post on your restaurant’s Instagram and credit the customer.

The customer who posted the photo will love getting a shout-out, and they’ll likely share your post with their followers. Your followers and anyone who sees your post will appreciate that you value your customers.

Before sharing user-generated content, ask for permission first. Some customers may not want the extra attention.

9. Less Posting and More Engagement

Posting is important – and you should do it often – but make sure that you’re also engaging with your audience.

Take the time to respond to comments and reviews, including the negative ones. Engagement will help you build stronger relationships with your customers, build brand awareness and humanize your restaurant. 

10. Show Off Your Menu in the Most Delectable Way Possible

Want an easy way to get more customers through your door and more followers to your social accounts? Show off your menu items. 

Drool-worthy photos of your food will convince hungry customers to stop in for a meal. Just make sure you invest in professional photography – it will make all the difference.

A professional food photographer will know how to capture your menu items in the right light and use the best practices for making your food look its best. Focusing on the food itself and its vibrant colors can help appeal to your customer’s senses.

Whenever you add a new or seasonal dish to your menu, show it off on your social accounts. You'll create that FOMO that drives customers to your door.

Social media marketing can help build brand awareness and sales for your restaurant, but you have to use the right strategy and be consistent. Use these tips to start maximizing the benefits of social media marketing today.