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Dough Dockers

There is an art to getting that ideal, crisp yet delicate crust in the world of pizza-making. The basic dough docker is a secret weapon that pizza fans, both professional and home cooks, swear by. At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, we provide a wide selection of dough dockers to improve your pizza-making experience.

The  Crust's Best Friend

The hidden saints of pizza crust perfection are dough dockers, often known as docker pizza tools. These helpful gadgets, like pizza crust roller, are meant to make tiny perforations in the pizza dough, which serve two important functions: preventing bubbles from forming during baking and guaranteeing even heating, resulting in a crispy on the outside and soft on the inside crust.

Docking Pizza Dough Is Magic

One of the most common obstacles in preparing pizza is keeping huge air bubbles from emerging in the dough. These bubbles might result in an unevenly cooked crust, which can be an incredible letdown. This problem is easily solved by a pizza dough docker. It "docks" the dough, making little indentations throughout its surface that let air escape during baking. The end result is a beautifully even, bubble-free crust that serves as the ideal canvas for your pizza creations.

The Key to Making Perfect Pies

Using a pizza dough docker is a breeze. Simply roll the docker across your prepared pizza dough before topping it with your chosen ingredients. This technique guarantees that the dough is uniformly flat, resulting in an even surface for your sauce, cheese, and other components. The little indentations also assist your toppings in staying in place while baking, minimising slippage.

Precision and simplicity

The dough docker roller is built for precision and convenience. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to use, and the evenly spaced pins ensure regular perforations across the dough. You may also get dough dockers with adjustable pin spacing to customise the density of your perforations.

While dough dockers are synonymous with pizza perfection, they can also be used in pastries. A pastry docker is a beautiful tool for preventing the blowing up of pastry dough during baking, ensuring that your tarts and pastries retain their intended shape.


If you're obsessed with making beautiful pizza crusts or pastries, the dough docker is a must-have equipment in your kitchen. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has a wide choice of solutions to meet the demands of both professional cooks and home enthusiasts, including docker pizza equipment and pastry dockers. Explore our assortment today to learn how a simple pizza dough docker can help you achieve your desired culinary perfection.