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  1. Turbo Air SAS-50RL-N 47-Inch Refrigerated Sushi Case
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  2. Turbo Air SAS-60RL-N 58-Inch Refrigerated Sushi Case
    SKU: SAS-60RL-N
  3. Turbo Air SAS-70RL-N 70-Inch Refrigerated Sushi Case
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  4. Turbo Air TSSC-6 6' Remote Sushi Case
    SKU: TSSC-6
  5. Turbo Air SAK-50R(L)-N 4-Inch Refrigerated Sushi Case
    SKU: SAK-50R(L)-N
  6. Turbo Air SAK-60R(L)-N 5-Inch Refrigerated Sushi Case
    SKU: SAK-60R(L)-N
  7. Turbo Air TSSC-5 5' Remote Sushi Case
    SKU: TSSC-5
  8. Turbo Air TSSC-4 4' Remote Sushi Case
    SKU: TSSC-4
  9. Turbo Air SAK-70R(L)-N 6-Inch Refrigerated Sushi Case
    SKU: SAK-70R(L)-N

Refrigerated Sushi Cases

Preserving Freshness and Presentation: The Vital Role of Refrigerated Sushi Cases in the World of Sushi

Thanks to its unique flavor and healthy ingredients, sushi has become one of the most popular dishes in the world. However, this Japanese delicacy requires proper storage and presentation, and that's where refrigerated sushi cases come into play. These sushi display coolers help keep them fresh and maintain their flavor while providing an attractive display for customers.

Benefits of Using a Refrigerated Sushi Case

One of the main advantages of using a sushi cooler is that it helps preserve the quality of the sushi. Sushi is a delicate food item that requires proper storage to maintain its freshness and flavor. A sushi bar refrigerator helps keep sushi at a low temperature. As a result, it slows the growth of bacteria and keeps sushi fresh longer.

How Refrigerated Sushi Cases Work

The refrigeration system draws air from the surrounding environment and circulates it around the sushi. The system is designed to maintain a constant temperature ideal for storing sushi. Typically, the temperature ranges between 32°F and 41°F. This temperature range helps to slow down the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that can spoil the sushi. Some cases feature sliding doors, while others have glass lids that can be lifted to access the sushi.

How Sushi Display Refrigerators Create Attractive Presentations for Increased Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Providing an attractive display for customers is another benefit of using a sushi display refrigerator. Sushi is a visually appealing food. A well-designed sushi display case can enhance its appearance. Sushi display cases can be customized to match the style and décor of the restaurant or supermarket and are available in various designs and sizes. It can create a more welcoming and appealing atmosphere, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

How Sushi Display Cases Improve Efficiency and Reduce Waste for Kitchen and Supermarket Operations

With a sushi case, chefs and staff can easily access the sushi and prepare it for customers. As a result, it helps to reduce waiting times and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, sushi cases can also help to reduce waste by keeping the sushi fresh for a more extended period.


Refrigerated sushi cases are essential to any sushi restaurant or supermarket that sells fresh sushi. They provide an attractive display for customers while helping maintain the sushi's quality and freshness. When choosing a sushi case, it's essential to consider factors like size, design, and refrigeration system to keep sushi at proper temperatures. With a well-designed sushi case, restaurants and supermarkets can increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve customer satisfaction.