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Straws & Stirrers by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies – Best Device for Your Drinks  

The drinking straws are special accessories to beverages. You can use straws drinking cold cocktails and hot liquids. So, with their help, you can drink anything your want much easier.  

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is ready to provide a wide variety of different disposable straws. You only need to choose the manufacturer, material, color, packaging, and shape. However, first of all, let's understand why buying straws is a good idea for your home or business and why, among all places, our store is worth your attention.

Why Using Straws Is a Good Idea? 

The straw can become an interesting and functional accessory for any beverage, especially if you have a bar, restaurant, or cafe. Moreover, for each drink, it is worth picking up a special straw so that it meets its character. For example, simpler models may be suitable for water, milk, juice, and unusually shaped straws for cocktails. They also can be used as stirrers for ingredients in cocktails. 

The service sector is not the only place that buys bulk straws. Many people prefer to have such a drink accessory at home. The tube in your drink will spice up the taste and make the process more exciting. 

Therefore, children and adults like to drink almost anything from a straw. And our company is ready to provide a wide selection of the best straw models suitable for your business and home needs.

What Choice of Straws Does McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Have to Offer?

Our showroom provides a huge selection of different water straws. What are our benefits?

  1. We have more than 5 colors in the assortment;

  2. Straws are available in 4 materials (paper, polylactic acid, plastic, and polypropylene;

  3. We offer the most popular straw style – wrapped.

You can order on our official website and get your shipping in NY, NJ, and PA states or visit our showroom, where you can choose any disposable tableware. The showroom is located at 999 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Don’t hesitate to call us and ask any questions about disposable straws.