A single plastic bag takes 300 years to degrade. With consumers becoming increasingly concerned about their environmental impact and reducing their use of plastics, it only makes sense to start investing in eco-shopping bags. Eco-friendly shopping bags benefit not only customers but your business and the environment as well.

If you haven’t already invested in biodegradable and reusable bags, here are six reasons to start today.

What are Eco Shopping Bags?

Eco-shopping bags are bags made from eco-friendly materials. These are materials that may be:

  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable 

eco shopping bags

Many reusable bags are also recyclable, but they aren’t always biodegradable. Some of the most popular materials for eco-shopping bags include:

  • Kraft paper
  • Jute
  • Bamboo 
  • Nonwoven poly
  • Cotton 
  • Recycled PET

Options like jute and bamboo are favored by environmentalists because these are materials that are highly sustainable. 

Many businesses and restaurants choose Kraft paper bags because they offer a good balance of environmental friendliness and affordability. They’re also durable and lightweight, making them less expensive to ship. These bags can also be recycled and are biodegradable. 

Why Go Green?

Why bother going green in the first place? Do you really need to buy eco-friendly shopping bags? 


Consumers continue to favor businesses that are committed to reducing their environmental impact. Eco-shopping bags are one way to do that.

In fact, a recent study found that 43% of diners would pay more for sustainable takeout. Clearly, consumers are concerned about the environment, and they are willing to share the cost of going green. 

6 Reasons Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags are a Smart Investment

1. Eco Shopping Bags Reduce Your Environmental Impact

When shopping bags are eco-friendly, they reduce your environmental impact. Bags made of Kraft paper, for example, are both recyclable and biodegradable. 

Even if customers choose not to recycle their bags, you can find peace of mind in knowing that they will break down much more quickly than a plastic bag.

2. Customized Shopping Bags Build Brand Awareness 

Going eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice brand awareness. Instead, look for an eco-friendly shopping bag supplier that also offers printing services to customize your bags with your logo and name.

We offer branded shopping bags in both light and heavy options. Add your restaurant name, website, or phone number right on your bag. 

Adding your business name or website to your eco-shopping bags will help build brand awareness. If customers choose to reuse your bags, they will think of your brand each time they use it. When others see your bag, they may ask about your restaurant or do their own research to find your eatery. 

Custom-printed bags are a great way to attract new customers and build customer loyalty.

3. Most Bags Can Be Reused – A Selling Point for Customers

Eco-friendly paper bags can often be reused many times before being recycled, and that is a big selling point for many customers.

You can even promote the reusability of your paper shopping bags on social media or in blog posts and share some ideas on how to reuse or repurpose them. Customers will appreciate your commitment to more sustainable practices.

If your goal is to promote your bags as reusable, make sure that you choose durable materials and bags with reinforced handles. These bags are less likely to rip or tear during regular use.

4. Reusable Bags Reduce Landfill Waste

Reusable bags have an even greater advantage over paper bags because they can be used repeatedly. 

Customers will appreciate being able to reuse your bags, and they’ll think of your business each time they do. 

eco friendly shopping bags supplier

We offer reusable bags in our shop, too. Our selection includes:

  • PacknWood Insulated Bags: These come in 14” and 9.6” sizes. These bags are made with kraft paper and are insulated to help keep food at just the right temperature. The larger insulated bag can also be used for making deliveries to ensure food is transported at the right temperature.
  • PacknWood Jute Bags: We also offer jute bags from PacknWood in a variety of sizes, including 15”, 12.6”, 14” and 10”. Jute is a naturally strong material and a great option for takeout. Its durability means that it can be used time and time again.
  • Environ 2011099 Envirobag: These reusable bags are made from non-woven fabric and feature a bright green color. Customers can reuse them for grocery shopping and other activities.

Reusable bags keep waste out of landfills, and that can go a long way in helping reduce your and your customers’ overall environmental footprint.

Many of these bags can be recycled once they’ve come to the end of their lives, but do keep in mind that some reusable bags are not biodegradable.

5. Eco-Friendly Bags Help Your Business Go Green

Offering eco-friendly bags can be an attractive selling point for your business. A recent study found that 85% of people across the world have shifted their purchasing behavior to focus on sustainability over the last five years.

By offering eco-friendly bags, you appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. You can combine your bags with other eco-friendly packaging options and sustainable products to truly go green.

6. Kraft Paper Bags are Durable and Breathable

Kraft paper bags are very durable and have a high tensile strength, making them an excellent option for restaurant take-out and deliveries. They can even be used to hold souvenirs if you have a restaurant gift shop.

Bags like SafePro’s kraft paper bags (which you can find in our shop) have reinforced twisted handles, so they can hold more weight without worries of tearing or ripping. 

Along with being strong and durable, kraft paper bags are also breathable. If you sell dry goods, the breathability of these bags helps keep these items fresh for customers.

Invest in Eco Shopping Bags for Your Business Today

Eco shopping bags are good for business, and they’re good for the environment, too. 

We offer a wide range of eco-friendly carryout and shopping bags in our online shop, including kraft paper and reusable options.