Restaurant cloud based solutions are growing in popularity because they're convenient, easy to use and even easier to scale. While restaurant management will always be a complex process, technology - like cloud solutions - can help streamline mundane tasks.

Virtually all restaurant owners (95%) believe that technology improves efficiency, and many restaurateurs are using cloud-based solutions to cut back on costs and save time.

Here's how restaurants are using cloud solutions to streamline their operations.

restaurant inventory management

For Inventory and Order Management

Restaurant inventory management has come a long way over the last decade, and cloud-based solutions are making life easier for restaurant owners.

Cloud-based solutions keep track of a restaurant's inventory without the need for additional hardware or complicated systems. Inventory movements are tracked in real-time, providing you with accurate status alerts.

One great advantage of cloud-based restaurant management systems is that they allow owners and managers to access inventory data anytime and from any Internet-connected device. In many cases, these systems can also track:

  • Waste to help you cut back on food costs. Restaurants lose 4-10% of the food they purchase, so this feature can help you save money.
  • Inventory theft, so you can take appropriate action to correct the situation.

Most restaurant inventory management systems also serve as a restaurant order management system. Inventory management and ordering go hand-in-hand, so these two processes can typically be handled by one centralized system.

To optimize the ordering process, these systems can often provide ordering recommendations and also set par levels to streamline this step.

For POS Systems

Today, it's standard for eateries to use cloud based POS solutions for restaurant management. Why? Because they're convenient, easy to implement and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

With legacy POS systems, data can only be viewed and analyzed when you're on the premises. Cloud solutions provide data access anytime using any Internet connected device. Most systems have restaurant management apps that make it easy to access information right from your smartphone.

The great thing about choosing cloud-based restaurant management softwares is that they can easily be upgraded and scaled to meet your needs with minimal investment. POS systems can be upgraded automatically and free of charge. Upgrades are as simple as pressing a button.

As your restaurant grows, your POS system can grow with it. These systems make it easy to:

  • Implement menu changes
  • Launch or improve your loyalty program
  • Provide precise inventory tracking

Cloud POS systems connect the back of the house to the front, making it easy for restaurant owners to get an overall, clear picture of their business' health.

Many cloud POS providers also offer additional solutions, like contactless payment and mobile POS systems with built-in card readers. Mobile and contactless payments allow customers to make payments and even leave tips without staff having to run back and forth between registers and tables.

Customers will appreciate the convenience of these options. They will also appreciate that their credit card information is encrypted and secure. And restaurants are embracing contactless payments. In fact, 75% of restaurants are planning to offer contactless payment options across all of their channels.

restaurant management system

For Security

Many restaurant owners use a cloud-based restaurant management system for security. Conventional security systems have their advantages, but they also have disadvantages, such as:

  • Needing to constantly keep track of who has keys.
  • Having to change access codes and keys each time an employee leaves the company.
  • Dealing with false alarms going off in the middle of the night.
  • Figuring out access for delivery drivers.

Simply put, conventional alarm and security systems can be a hassle.

Cloud-based security restaurant management software takes some of the pain out of securing your restaurant. In many cases, these systems are designed to meet a restaurant's unique needs and are tailor-made for their business.

These systems also make it easy to:

  • Create access for vendors and deliveries
  • See when (or if) a vendor arrives

Of course, they also allow you to keep an eye on your restaurant. Alerts can be sent if a break-in is detected, and some systems will even contact authorities automatically.

With a cloud-based solution, everything is easily accessible because footage and data are stored off-site.

For Online Ordering and Deliveries

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way restaurants operate, forcing many to enter the world of online ordering and deliveries.

According to Square, restaurants project that 62% of their revenue will come from delivery and takeout this year.

Cloud-based POS systems have helped restaurants enter this new world with minimal hiccups. In many cases, these systems incorporate online ordering and make it easy for your menu to be published and managed online.

Final Word

Cloud-based solutions are making it easier for restaurants to manage their operations. In addition to streamlining processes, cloud solutions make it quick and convenient to access data from any Internet-connected device. With technology playing an important role in restaurant growth, cloud solutions may soon become the standard for eateries.


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