Behind every talented bartender is a reliable bar cooler. Bar coolers are the workhorses that work quietly behind the scenes to keep beer, wine, cocktail ingredients and other items chilled at their ideal temperatures. 

But how do these coolers work? What should you look for when buying one, and which models are the best?

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What Is a Bar Cooler?

A bar cooler is a special type of cooler designed for under-counter use to keep beverages and cocktail ingredients chilled. While they’re commonly used in bars, they can also be used in delis, bakeries, cafes and other food establishments to keep items at food safe temperatures.

These coolers come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate virtually any establishment, whether you run a small café or a busy bar downtown.

Top 7 Back Bar Coolers Reviews in 2023

Finding the best bar beer coolers doesn’t have to be a challenge. Let’s look at some of our back beverage air reviews.

1. Atosa MBB69GR

The MBB69GR has a stainless steel body and a compact design that makes it ideal for under-counter use. Use it to store ale, beer, soft drinks, cocktail ingredients and more.

This model boasts the following features:

  • Dimensions of 68"(L) x 28.2"(D) x 40.2"(H)
  • 21.5 cubic foot capacity
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Heavy-duty compressor that’s removable
  • Pre-installed casters and shelves

The MBB69GR has a compressor unit that slides out easily for cleaning and servicing. Magnetic doors ensure that the cooler’s contents stay cold. The built-in temperature controller ensures the internal temperature is consistent. 

2. Coldline UBB-24-48F

The UBB-24-48F from Coldline is a bar refrigerator with convenient features like self-closing doors, electronic control system and more. The 1/5 HP compressor ensures that items are kept at safe temperatures, and the pull-out door handle makes it easy for bar staff to get what they need quickly.

This model has the following features:

  • Dimensions of 24"(L) x 48"(D) x 35"(H)
  • Temperature range of 33°F and 41°F
  • Electronic control system
  • Corrosion-resistant exterior
  • LED interior lighting

With a height of 35” and a depth of 48,” this bar cooler can easily slide under the bar counter to save space and improve efficiency.

3. Coldline UBB-24-48G-Y

The Coldline UBB-24-48G-Y offers 11.8 cubic feet of space, built-in shelves, interior LED lighting and an ideal temperature range to keep food items at safe temperatures.

The UBB-24-48G-Y has the following features:

  • Dimensions of 24"(L) x 48"(D) x 35"(H)
  • Temperature range of 33°F and 41°F
  • Built-in electronic control system
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Recessed door handles

The glass doors and LED lighting allow bar staff to quickly and easily see the contents of the cooler. 

The UBB-24-48G-Y is very similar to the previous Coldline model, but it has glass doors. 

4. Universal Coolers BBCI-4824

The BBCI-4824 bar cooler from Universal Coolers is an under-counter model that has 11.8 cubic feet of space and a sleek stainless steel exterior.

The BBCI-4824 has the following features:

  • Dimensions of 48"(L) x 24"(D) x 36"(H)
  • Temperature range of 33°F and 41°F
  • 90° stay open feature
  • Self-closing doors 
  • Adjustable defrost frequency and temperature set point

The BBCI-4824 also has a built-in condenser that’s easily accessible for cleaning and servicing. Installation is simple and doesn’t require any plumbing.

5. Blue Air BBB90-4BG-HC

Blue Air’s BBB90-4BG-HC is a 90-inch model that has three glass doors and 316 cubic feet of interior space to store beer bottles and other bar beverages. It's one of the bigger back bar bottle coolers out there.

The BBB90-4BG-HC has the following features:

  • Dimensions of 27"(L) x 90.3"(D) x 37"(H) 
  • Temperature range of 33°F and 39°F
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants to increase energy efficiency by up to 25%

If you run a busy bar, a large cooler like this model is ideal. The triple glass doors make it easy to see the contents of the cooler. 

6. Coldline UBB-24-72GSS

The Coldline UBB-24-72GSS has ample interior space to make it a great option not only for bars but also for delis, cafes and bakeries.

The UBB-24-72GSS has the following features:

  • Dimensions of 24"(L) x 72"(D) x 35"(H)
  • Temperature range of 33°F and 41°F
  • Stainless steel housing, floor, ceiling and interior walls
  • Recessed door handles
  • Swinging glass doors
  • 1/4+ HP compressor

This stainless-steel model has a sleek design but it’s also easy to clean and maintain. 

7. Turbo Air TBB-2SGD-N

The TBB-2SGD-N from Turbo Air has glass doors and caster wheels for easy movement and accessibility. 

The TBB-2SGD-N has the following features:

  • Dimensions of 27.25"(L) x 58.75"(D) x 37"(H)
  • Temperature range of 33°F and 38°F
  • Self-contained system
  • 4” casters
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants

The ergonomically designed handles help staff get what they need quickly and easily without compromising on efficiency.

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What Features Matter Most When Buying Back Bar Coolers

When comparing beverage air beer coolers, there are several things to consider, including:

  • Temperature range: Different bar coolers have different temperature ranges, so it’s important to consider this when comparing models. You may have specific temperature needs, and some 2023 models may not be able to accommodate those needs.
  • Size: While most coolers have a height of 35”-37” and similar depths, their lengths can vary greatly. If you have a smaller bar or kitchen space, then you’ll need to keep size in mind.
  • Cost: While cost shouldn’t be everything, it’s still something that needs to be considered because you have a budget you must stick to. Keep your budget in mind when comparing coolers.
  • Warranty: Does the cooler have a warranty? If so, what type of warranty is available?
  • Shelving: All bar coolers have shelves, but the number and design will vary from one model to another. Consider how many shelves you will need and whether the model has a corrosion-resistant design.

These are just a few of the many things to consider when choosing a bar cooler in 2023. One other thing to keep in mind is the location of the compressor. Is it easy to access for cleaning and maintenance? Some models have removable compressors, which makes the process even easier.

Final Thoughts

Whether you run a bar, restaurant or a deli, a back bar cooler is a smart investment. Consider the points above and the models in our review section to find a cooler that will meet your needs.