Investing in the best meat grinders is ideal for restaurants that serve a lot of:

  • Sausages
  • Patties
  • Burgers


Quality meats are hard to find. You can create your own custom recipes that mix the perfect ingredients into meat that is fresh, high-quality and just the right size for your servings.

We're going to review the best-rated meat grinders, but before we do, let's make sure that you need them in your eatery and that it's the right investment for you.

What are Meat Grinders?

A meat grinder is exactly what it sounds like: a machine that will grind up your meat. You can add meat, veggies, fish or similar items into the grinder, and it will exit it perfectly ground up. Typically, grinders are used for sausages or burgers.

Meat is ground up uniformly, allowing for a consistent taste and texture.

Commercial models differ from homemade ones because they process larger quantities of meat faster and more efficiently. You'll have a stronger unit than what you can expect from a home kitchen model.

And they come with features, such as anti-clog mechanisms, that you won't find in non-commercial models.

meat grinder reviews

Benefits of Meat Grinders

The first meat grinder, a manual model, was made in the 1800s because there was such a high demand for an easy way to grind meat. A few of the many benefits of a quality meat grinder are:

  • Unique recipes: You can add ingredients to your meat that you couldn't otherwise with a meat grinder. Select a fresh cut of meat, add spices, veggies and other ingredients, and they'll be ground together for a perfect, unique taste that remains consistent.
  • Cost-effective: Creating your own combinations of meats is more cost-effective than buying the same types of cuts in the grocery store. For restaurants that have high volumes, you can reduce overhead and recuperate your investment quickly with the right grinder.

Meat grinders help save eateries time and money. If you serve a lot of unique meat combinations and sausages, you'll find that a grinder is a unique option that allows you to better serve your customers.

If you rarely serve meat, patties, burgers or sausage, you may want to invest in another appliance instead.

How to Choose Meat Grinders

You've decided that your restaurant would benefit from a meat grinder, but you'll find hundreds of models to choose from. It's overwhelming to try and narrow down your choices to just one grinder because there are so many to choose from.

What can you do?

Use our guide below to select the right model for your unique needs:

  • Type: Electric and manual models exist. In the commercial space, electric is the only option that makes sense.
  • Safety: A safe unit is worth the investment. You'll want to review safety features to ensure that your staff is as safe as possible when using the grinder.
  • Clog Prevention: Clogs waste time and resources. High-end models are often worth the expense because they prevent clogs.

Budget will further help you narrow down your choices of meat grinders and is something to always consider.

5 Commercial Meat Grinders Reviews

Now that you know how to choose a grinder for your restaurant, let's look at some of our top meat grinder reviews.

1. Skyfood SMG12

The SMG12 is a mid-range meat grinder with a full stainless-steel body, 1 HP motor and #12 cast iron grinding device. It's one of our top meat grinders for those who need a unit with a compact countertop design.

A forward and reverse switch improves safety and prevents clogs for efficient use. Included is a standard knife and two plates (0.25" and 0.3").

This model is ideal for small- and medium-sized commercial kitchens, thanks to its compact footprint (10" W x 16-1/8" H) and light weight (69 lbs.).

If you run a butcher shop, deli or small restaurant, this model is a great choice.

2. Prepline MC12

Prepline's MC12 is perfect for grinding beef, sausage, wild game and other meats efficiently. The top-mounted handle and tray support make it easy to use this model, which has a gear-driven transmission.

The heavy-duty torque motor (1 HP) allows this unit to output 250lbs of meat per hour. Its compact size makes this model ideal for smaller spaces without compromising on quality.

A forward and reverse switch prevents clogs, and the manual reset option provides motor overload protection.

If you need to process larger volumes of meat, the Prepline MC12 is a great choice.

3. Adcraft MG-1

Adcraft offers a few models of commercial meat grinders, but the MG-1 is a great choice for small- and medium-sized operations. Along with an affordable price, this model boasts a cast aluminum construction that's durable enough to withstand commercial use.

The MG-1 comes with two grinder plates (course and medium) to meet most meat-grinding needs. And thanks to the reverse function, you never have to worry about this unit jamming. This unit allows for smooth, efficient and safe processing.

Featuring a classic meat grinder design, this model is compact and can easily integrate into even the smallest of commercial kitchens.

Adcraft (Admiral Craft) is a trusted brand in the restaurant equipment industry, so this model is a smart investment for any commercial kitchen owner.

4. Admiral Craft 1A-CG422

Admiral Craft's 1A-CG422 is a workhorse. If you're looking for a heavy-duty electric meat grinder, this model is a great choice.

The powerful 1 HP motor helps this unit process 540-720 lbs. of meat per hour. If you have a higher-volume establishment, this model can help you keep up with customer demand.

Like other quality meat grinders, this model has a forward and reverse switch to prevent jams and improve safety. Other notable features include:

  • Direct gear-driven transmission
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Top-mounted handle
  • Extra-large stainless steel feed tray
  • Two grinder plates (1/8" and 3/8")
  • Grinding knife

The 1A-CG422 is constructed with heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, making it highly durable and easy to clean.

5. Univex MG22

The MG22 is designed to grind 25 pounds per minute with a 3/16" grinder plate, thanks to the powerful 1 HP motor.

The unit's grinding worm is directly coupled to the gear motor output shaft, allowing for a more efficient output. The MG22 comes ready to grind and includes an X-knife, feed pan and stomper.