SafePro MC868, 28 Oz. Rectangular Microwaveable Containers Combo, Black Bottom, 150/CS

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SafePro MC868, 28 Oz. Rectangular Microwaveable Containers Combo, Black Bottom, 150/CS FEATURES & TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
  • For storing meals, deli items, and more
  • Measure 8.5L x 6W x 1.5H inches
  • Versatile 28-ounce capacity
  • 150-count bulk buy
  • Safe for the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher
  • Reusable plastic design
  • Clear lid for high visibility
  • Great for take-out joints, caterers, and cafeterias

The SafePro MC868, 28 Oz. Rectangular Microwaveable Containers Combo, Black Bottom, 150/CS fulfill a variety of needs in any food retail or dining establishment. Use them to package up reheatable dinners, take-out, or cold items like sushi. The possibilities are endless, which is why they’re great to have on hand in your cafeteria, grocery store, or restaurant. 

More Information
ID 8009
Length (Inch) 8.50
Width (Inch) 6.00
Height (Inch) 1.50
Manufacturer SafePro
Units of measure CS
Weight (Lbs) 15.0000
UPC 600142251713
Type Filter Container
Material PP (polypropylene)
Length (Inch) per Case 18
Width (Inch) per Case 23
Height (Inch) per Case 15
Weight (Lbs) per Case 15

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe Plastic

Made from food-safe plastic, these take-out containers are microwave and dishwasher safe. You can also use them in the freezer because they’re temperature-resistant from 0°F to 250°F. Even in extreme temperatures, these containers won’t melt or warp. Your customers can reuse them at home too.


Arranging your display case and fulfilling to-go orders just became easier with the SafePro MC868 rectangular containers. These durable plastic containers can be stacked to maximize space in your display case or delivery bag. The lids can withstand the extra weight without cracking or caving in.

Clear Lid

Each container bottom comes with a clear lid. The crystal clear color allows for enhanced merchandising and quick content identification. Customers can clearly see what’s for sale, which leads to a more enjoyable shopping experience. Plus, employees can double-check orders with just a glance, improving order speed and accuracy. 


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  1. Liam Hastings
    I’m not sure all our clients will be willing to reuse them because they take quite a lot of place in the kitchen. And they are not eco-friendly which makes throwing them out wrong. I didn’t think a lot about that when I made my order, but a couple of clients actually mentioned this problem. So, mind your audience. If you want to be labeled as an eco-friendly place, it is better to stay away from these. In terms of quality, they are more than good.
  2. Lori Green
    This even sounds a little silly - clients, they are going to eat the food and through the container away. Like who cares, right? Wrong - everyone cares. From those who actually place the food inside (in our cafeteria, this is usually the same person who cooks it), delivery staff who are stressed each time they work, and clients - of course. Once we’ve switched to these containers, there are no complaints from each of the sides whatsoever.
  3. Vincent Kind
    When you start a restaurant, you only think about food and service. You hire the best staff and buy the best appliance. But when we’ve started delivering, we’ve faced a lot of additional problems. And one of them was containers. Thanks to this shop, the problem is solved. I hope they will not raise the price or stop producing those. We will be devastated!
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