A restaurant charbroiler is the backbone of any eatery that cooks meats or seafood. Powerful and reliable, the best commercial charbroiler for you depends on numerous factors:

  • Usage requirements
  • Size
  • Budget
  • Foods cooked

restaurant charbroilers

Before going through reviews of the best commercial charbroiler grill options, it’s important to know the different features and options that may be available.

What to Look for in Commercial Charbroilers

If you’re looking for a commercial charbroiler, consider the following:

Vertical vs Horizontal Charbroilers

Depending on your operations, you may need a vertical or horizontal charbroiler, or you may need both. The main differences are:

  • Vertical broilers are meant to roast meat slowly on a spit. These models will work great for roasting meat in a food truck or an area where space is limited.
  • Horizontal broilers are best when you need to cook a variety of meats at once. These options will have a griddle rather than a spit to cook meat on.

If you plan on slowly roasting large slabs of meat, the vertical charbroiler will offer a great option with a smaller footprint. However, a horizontal model takes up more kitchen space but will offer more cooking space.

Griddle Size

Larger restaurants demand a larger griddle size. For example, a 16-inch griddle may be fine for a small establishment that has lower seating capacity, but you may need a 48” griddle or larger in a high seat capacity restaurant.

Number of Burners

If you plan on cooking up multiple types of meat or seafood at once, a greater number of burners is a good choice.


BTUS help you understand how fast the charbroiler can cook up meat. Heavy-duty models with 80,000 BTU produce more heat over time than a 30,000 BTU unit. However, a smaller kitchen may be fine with a 30,000 BTU unit, while a larger kitchen will not be able to meet demands without a higher BTU unit.

6 Best Charbroilers Reviews of 2023

commercial grade charbroiler

1. Eurodib T-CBR24, 24-inch Radiant Gas Broiler, 80 000 BTU

The Eurodib T-CBR24 is a gas broiler that offers 80,000 BTU, which is perfect for cooking up everything from burgers to high-end steaks.


  • 80,000 BTUs
  • 24” x 20” cooking surface
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cast iron grates 
  • Safety valves
  • Adjustable feet

You can manually control the U-shaped burners. The unit’s length is 29.1” and a 24” width with an 18.7” height. Total weight is 207 pounds.

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2. Eurodib T-CBR36, 36-inch Radiant Gas Broiler, 120 000 BTU

The Eurodib T-CBR36 is another broiler from Eurodib, but it’s a larger unit with 50% more cooking space. A radiant gas broiler with 120,000 BTU allows for rapid cooking with ample space for even the busiest restaurants.

The features of this model, include:


  • 120,000 BTUs
  • 36” x 20” cooking surface
  • 3 U-shaped burners
  • ¾" male gas connection
  • Removable waste trays
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cast iron grates 
  • Safety valves
  • Adjustable feet

Larger restaurants that need a charbroiler that can meet higher demands will appreciate this model from Eurodib. Radiant heat allows for even cooking of all meats and comes with burner safety valves for added safety.

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3. Admiral Craft BDECTC-16/NG, 16-inch Black Diamond Gas Countertop Radiant Charbroiler with Manual Control, 30,000 BTU

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Admiral Craft’s 16” countertop unit has 30,000 BTU, so it’s less powerful than the other models we’ve reviewed, but it has plenty of power for a 16” charbroiler. The unit has a stainless steel construction and some impressive features, such as:


  • 30,000 BTUs
  • 21” drip tray depth
  • 11.5” drip tray width
  • 1” drip tray height
  • 26” item depth
  • One-burner

The Admiral is small enough to fit into the smallest café or kitchen. Total weight of this unit is 95 pounds, and there is a single control. If you plan to cook single meats, such as being known for your chicken tacos, this is a fantastic unit for you.

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4. Star Manufacturing 6136RCBF, 36-Inch Countertop Radiant Gas Charbroiler, UL, cUL, NSF

Star offers another charbroiler that has a 36” wide grill that provides superb heating and control. Durable and flexible, the unit has a cast burner with three main grills. Each grill spans 12”, which are all independently controlled for maximum efficiency.


  • 35,000 – 40,000 BTUs
  • 12” burners with independent control
  • Splash guard
  • Stainless steel front panel
  • Adjustable legs up to 1.325”

Star Manufacturing's restaurant charbroiler provides you with ample space for demanding cooking situations. Cast burners are long-lasting, and the unit is small enough to fit on a countertop – perfect for smaller restaurants.

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5. L&J GCB18, 18-Inch One Burner Countertop Gas Charbroiler, NSF

L&J offers a compact gas broiler with a single burner that fits right on your countertop. Control knobs allow for refined cooking. Iron grates are easy to clean and the finest materials ensure that the unit provides prolonged durability.


  • 18” griddle
  • 13” height
  • 115-pound unit
  • Countertop model
  • Removable drip pans

If you have a small kitchen, the GCB18 is an affordable, small charbroiler, which allows you to cook up delicious meats rapidly.

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6. Toastmaster TMLC48, 48-Inch Countertop Lava Rock Gas Charbroiler, UL

Toastmaster offers the largest countertop broiler on this list. This model is a lava rock gas charbroiler that has a 48” footprint. Total height is just 15”, so it’s small enough to fit in nearly any kitchen.

However, with a weight of 350 pounds, you may need to reinforce your countertop to hold it confidently.

commercial charbroiler grill


  • 30,000 BTUs per burner
  • 4 burner total
  • 4” legs
  • 48” countertop model
  • 15” height
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Splash guard
  • Grease trough

Toastmaster’s 48-inch model offers superb cooking space and fits comfortably on most countertops. If you need to cook multiple meats at once, the four burners will provide ample space for your needs.

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Commercial charbroilers are a necessity in any restaurant that plans to cook top-quality meats. You can also cook seafood and other items on restaurant charbroilers. The broilers above are some of our top choices, but we have a large selection of other options to choose from, too.

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