Commercial freezers offer restaurants an easy way to store their ingredients, prepared foods and other items. If you're opening a new restaurant or remodeling one, you'll need a state-of-the-art freezer.

We have dozens of options available in our inventory (which you can find here), but we'll review some of the top models in our inventory below.

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What to Look for in Commercial Freezers

Unsure of what to look for in a commercial freezer? A few things to consider are:

  • Size - will the freezer fit in your space?
  • Energy efficiency - how much energy does the freezer use?
  • Self-cleaning - some units have self-cleaning condensers that make it easy to maintain the freezer, which saves restaurants time and resources.
  • Opening - does the freezer open from the top or front? If you have a smaller space, a top opening may be ideal.

And, of course, you'll need to consider the type of freezer, too. Multiple options are available, with some being ideal for cafes and others for large-scale restaurants.

Types of Commercial Freezers

Freezers come in many styles and types. You'll find reach in freezer options, commercial upright freezers and even specialty freezers. The ideal freezer type will depend on your unique needs and may include:

  • Reach-in or upright freezer: A reach-in freezer comes with adjustable racks, ample storage and utilizes the least amount of space.
  • Chest freezers: Also known as horizontal freezers, a chest freezer opens from the top but takes up more floor space. However, you can wheel the freezer around to find the best fit for your space. They're often best for meat storage and are highly energy efficient.
  • Cabinet freezer: A cabinet or countertop freezer is ideal for when your kitchen has limited space. Door and drawer opening options are available, and due to the easy access design, you can easily access the contents of the freezer.
  • Undercounter freezer: An undercounter freezer utilizes space for the area underneath your cabinets that you're not using already. Door and drawer layouts are customizable and accessing ingredients is easy thanks to configuration options.
  • Walk-in freezer: If you need to preserve a lot of ingredients, a walk-in freezer is best. Large in size, you or your workers can walk into the freezer and store hundreds of pounds of food. If you run a restaurant with a large seating capacity, a walk-in freezer may be best.

You'll also find specialty freezer options, such as blast chillers, that are designed for fast freezing within 90 minutes or less. But due to the design of a blast chiller, they're not meant for long-term storage.

Commercial reach in freezers are a good option if you want to offer prepared foods that people can order and bake at home.

Reviews of the Top 6 Commercial Freezers

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1. Universal Coolers EGDMF-50B

Offering a 48-inch black swing door, this Universal cooler holds temperatures of -10°F - 0°F. Made with an aluminum liner and stainless steel floor, the freezer is easy to clean and durable.

Heavy-duty shelving is easy to adjust and allows you to adapt the freezer to your needs. The doors are also made with double pane, insulated glass.

Both doors are self-closing and have an anti-fog design, so they won't fog up from continual opening. You can plug the unit in with a standard 115v plug and no plumbing is necessary.

2. Maxx Cold MXM1-12FBHC

If you're in the market for a compact merchandiser freezer and only need a minimal amount of storage space, the MXM1-12FBHC from Maxx Cold is a great option.

This unit offers 12 cubic feet of nominal storage and has three built-in interior shelves. Interior LED lighting and an illuminated top panel allow you to advertise and promote products with ease.

More importantly, this unit delivers a holding temperature of 0°F to 10°F, has an automatic defrost system and is equipped with a condensate evaporator.

3. Maxx Cold MXM2-48FBHC

Maxx Cold's MXM2-48FBHC is a great all-around merchandiser freezer and an optimal solution for most establishments, big or small.

This two-door unit offers a storage capacity of 48 cubic feet and a holding temperature of 0°F to 10°F.

Inside, you'll find eight adjustable shelves that are PE-coated for extra durability. Interior LED lighting and an illuminated top panel make this unit stand out in the crowd.

The automatic defrost system and integrated condensate evaporator help make this unit a worthwhile investment.

4. Maxx Cold MXM3-72FHC

Maxx Cold's MXM3-72FHC has three display freezers, offering a total of 72 cubic feet of storage space. This unit offers a holding temperature range of 0°F to 10°F and features digital controls with an LED temperature display.

An integrated condensate evaporator eliminates the need for a drain line connection, and the unit features an automatic defrost system.

Inside the unit, you'll find 12 adjustable wire shelves that are PE-coated and LED interior lights to keep your merchandise in the spotlight. An integrated, illuminated top panel allows you to advertise or promote products with ease.

With such a high storage capacity and efficient design, the MXM3-72FHC is ideal for high-volume establishments.

5. Turbo Air TGF-23SDHW-N

Looking for a more compact refrigerated merchandiser? The Turbo Air TGF-23SDHW-N fits the bill. With dimensions of 27" L x 30 ¼" D x 77" H, this single-door unit can easily be tucked away in a corner.

Although compact, this unit still offers 17.9 cubic feet of space and has four shelves for ample storage.

Turbo Air's units are unique in that they don't require a cabinet heater. Their method uses compressor-produced heat to make their units even more energy efficient.

This freezer has a self-cleaning condenser that catches dust and uses a rotating brush to remove excess buildup.

An innovative and efficient design allows you to show off your merchandise without wasting energy.

6. Turbo Air TGF-72SDHB-N

Turbo Air's TGF-72SDHB-N model is a 3-door unit in full height that comes in two colors: white and black. This unit features an anti-corrosion evaporator and can hold temperatures between -10℉ and 5℉, making it ideal for all of your freezing needs.

The entire structure is foamed-in-place with high-density polyurethane insulation that's HCFC-free.

The triple-pane glass doors improve energy efficiency by minimizing condensation and preventing heat transfers.

If you sell higher volumes of frozen merchandise, the TGF-72SDHB-N is an energy-efficient option that offers 62.2 cubic feet of space.