No matter what type of cuisine your restaurant serves, bread is sure to be on the menu somewhere. Bread makes for a cheap and simple appetizer, whether served on its own, with fresh olive oil, or stuffed with cheese.

It's hard to imagine not serving bread in a restaurant.

But when it comes to serving bread, not much has changed over the last few decades. Today, we're seeing some changes and new trends in how bread - and appetizers in general - are being served to guests.

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5 Serving Ideas for Bread

From baskets to platters and pails, these five bread serving suggestions will take your presentation game to the next level.

1. Willow and Wire Baskets

Looking for a rustic and classic way to serve bread in your restaurant? Willow and wire baskets are a great option.

Baskets evoke images of a time when neighbors shared loaves of freshly baked bread from their home kitchens, delivered in neatly-woven willow baskets. Line yours with linen to complete that fresh, homemade look.

You'll also find wire serving baskets for bread, which offer a more modern take on this classic serving vessel. Wire baskets come in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes to suit your needs. They're also versatile and can be used to serve other foods from your menu.

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2. Dishes

If bread is the star of the show, a bread serving dish is a great option. For garlic bread, pull-apart bread and other messy bread dishes, plates are often the best serving option.

Choose dishes that flatter your breads. White, square dishes are a great option for a contemporary presentation.

Simple but practical, dishes are a great way to serve up your restaurant's bread offerings.

3. Serving Boards

One of the biggest trends we're seeing in food presentation is serving boards. From burgers to appetizers and everything in between, many modern restaurants are finding creative ways to serve their dishes on simple serving boards - typically made of wood.

Serving bread boards are a great option if you want a simple, minimalistic and trendy way to serve your bread. With boards, the bread is the main star of the show.

One benefit to using bread serving platters is that guests can easily share the dish. And this serving idea can work with just about any bread-related dish on your menu. Use a flatbread serving board to serve flatbread pizzas, or a wood appetizer platter to serve that baguette with cheese.

One restaurant serves its bread and baked camembert on a mouse trap.

If wood isn't your preferred choice, you can also choose slate platters. These are a great option if you're serving specialty bread and cheese platters, as you can write bread cheese serving suggestions right on the platter itself using chalk.

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4. Bowls

If you're looking for a more unique and fun way to serve bread, bowls may be the right option for your restaurant. There are so many interesting and beautiful bowls to choose from, and you're sure to find one that matches your restaurant's theme.

Whether you choose a simple wood serving bowl for bread or something more elaborate, like a hand painted ceramic bowl, guests will love the presentation.

5. Pails and Cone Baskets

Pails and cone baskets are a great way to serve breadsticks. For smaller breadsticks, stainless steel pails lined with eco-friendly paper create a modern presentation.

To serve multiple appetizers at once, a three-cone serving basket is a great option. The cones are large enough to hold breadsticks or rolls, while the other cones allow you to serve other appetizers without dirtying more dishes.

Pails and cone baskets can be dressed up with pretty linens, or they can act as casual serving options with paper linings.

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Bread can be served in fun and creative ways. Baskets and dishes are still go-to options, but you can modernize this classic serving method by choosing wire baskets. Wooden and slate platters are great for serving multiple guests and bread and cheese combos. Pails and cone baskets offer a trendy way to serve breadsticks to restaurant patrons.