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  1. Miya X14031, 4.5"x3"x3.75" White Vase 60/cs
    SKU: X14031
  2. Miya X14005, 12" Square White Plate, 8/CS
    SKU: X14005
  3. Miya X14002, 10" Square White Plate, 1 DZ
    SKU: X14002
  4. Miya X15006, 10" Square White Plate, 1 DZ
    SKU: X15006
  5. Miya X15023, 7.25"x3.75" White Bowl, 1 DZ
    SKU: X15023
  6. Miya X14020, 8.25" White Square Bowl, 1 DZ
    SKU: X14020
  7. Miya X15022, 9.25" White Soup Plate, 16/CS
    SKU: X15022
  8. Miya X14019, 4.5" White Bowl, 48/CS
    SKU: X14019
  9. Miya X12000, 40oz White Teapot, 1 DZ
    SKU: X12000
  10. Miya X14006, 10" Square White Plate, 1 DZ
    SKU: X14006
  11. Miya X14032, 10" White Square Bowl, 8/CS
    SKU: X14032
  12. Miya X14007, 8.5" Square White Plate, 24/CS
    SKU: X14007
  13. Miya X14013, 5" Square White Plate, 72/CS
    SKU: X14013
  14. Miya X14023, 5.5" White Square Bowl, 36/CS
    SKU: X14023
  15. Miya X12001, 24oz White Teapot, 36/CS
    SKU: X12001
  16. Miya X14021, 6.5" White Square Bowl, 24/CS
    SKU: X14021
Our mission is to provide the most unique products made in, or inspired by, Japan for the global market. We make several buying trips every year to ensure that we stay current with the marketplace but we never stray from our vision. Our inspirations are Japanese but our sensibilities cross cultures. Our products are grounded in tradition but have a modern aesthetic. Miya is in its third generation but we've only just begun.