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  1. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB05BLK, 8.5x8.5x2.5-Inch Black #5 Folded Paper Take Out Box, 100/CS
    Special Price $49.99 Regular Price $54.99
  2. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB08BLK, 6.75x5.5x2.5-Inch Black #8 Folded Paper Take Out Box, 130/CS
    Special Price $33.99 Regular Price $38.99
  3. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB08WHT, 6.75x5.5x2.5-Inch White #8 Folded Paper Take Out Box, 130/CS
    Special Price $33.99 Regular Price $38.99
  4. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB02BLK, 8.5x6.25x1.9-Inch 55 Oz Black #2 Folded Paper Take Out Box, 140/CS
    Special Price $40.99 Regular Price $45.99
  5. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv P4418Z, 18-Inch Clear Plastic Dome Lid for 4418 & 4518 Aluminum Trays, 50/CS
    SKU: P4418Z
    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $66.00
  6. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv Y26940, 9-Inch Medium Aluminum Pie Pan, 400/CS
    SKU: Y26940
    Special Price $79.99 Regular Price $84.99
  7. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB05KEC, 8.5x8.5x2.5-Inch Kraft #5 Folded Paper Take Out Box, 100/CS
    Special Price $44.99 Regular Price $49.99
  8. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB05WHT, 8.5x8.5x2.5-Inch White #5 Folded Paper Take Out Box, 100/CS
    Special Price $46.99 Regular Price $51.99
  9. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv 9812-KCA9, 12-Inch SmartLock Black Tray with Clear High Dome Lid, 25/CS
    SKU: 9812-KCA9
    Special Price $40.99 Regular Price $59.99
  10. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB02KEC, 8.5x6.25x1.9-Inch Kraft #2 Folded Paper Container, 140/CS
    Special Price $23.00 Regular Price $41.99
  11. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB03BLK, 8.5x6.25x2.5-Inch Black #3 Folded Paper Take Out Box, 130/CS
    Special Price $40.99 Regular Price $45.99
  12. Pactiv SMB03WHT, 8.5x6.25x2.5-Inch White #3 Folded Paper Container, 130/CS
    Out of Stock
  13. Pactiv SMB02WHT, 8.5x6.25x1.9-Inch White #2 Folded Paper Container, 140/CS
    Out of Stock
  14. Pactiv SMB04KEC, 8.5x6.25x3.25-Inch Kraft #4 Folded Paper Container, 90/CS
    Out of Stock
  15. Pactiv SMB01KEC, 5x4x2.5-Inch Kraft #1 Folded Paper Container, 180/CS
    Out of Stock
  16. Pactiv YEH898510000 8-Inch Deep Half Cake Dome Combo, 100/CS
    Out of Stock
  17. Pactiv YCI898010000, 9.25-Inch Deep Cake Dome Combo, 100/CS
    Out of Stock
  18. Pactiv Y76830, 8x5.5x1.2-Inch Oblong Aluminum Containers, 400/CS
    Out of Stock
At Pactiv, continuous innovation has secured their place as the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products, supplying packers, processors, supermarkets, restaurants, institutions and foodservice outlets across North America. Since their founding in 1965 as Packaging Corporation of America, they have focused on producing and distributing the highest quality foodservice packaging products. Pactiv’s product lines today include custom and stock foam, plastic, aluminum, pressed-paperboard, PE coated board, and molded-fiber packaging. Pactiv supplies every major foodservice retailer and distributor in North America, including McDonald’s and Walmart. Pactiv sells a large variety of disposable food containers. Whether it's flexible, crack-resistant APET or durable foam with its exceptional insulation properties, Pactiv containers serve a variety of food applications and offer innovative Pactiv features like push-in vents and SmartLock.