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  1. HFS-1009 Reusable PVC Face Shield, EA
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Disposable Gloves & Clothing

Disposable Gloves And Clothing - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Our disposable clothing are efficiently protect clothing from spills and stains from head to foot. Whether you are running a restaurant, a cafe or even catering event, our huge selection of disposable apparel will increase sanitary and hygienic conditions of your foodservice establishment. From light, economy clothing to heavy-duty dishwashing latex gloves, we have it all!

You can always check out McDonal Paper disposable kitchen apparel options to find high quality items for commercial and home use:

  • Disposable Vinyl Gloves
  • Poly Bouffant Caps
  • Disposable Elasticated Hair Nets
  • Disposable Beard Covers
  • Latex Free Shoe Covers
  • Disposable Coat With Collar
  • Paper Overseas Caps
  • Disposable Poly Aprons
  • Browse our website to choose disposable poly clothing from such reputable brands as Winco, SafeGuard, SafePro, Hygrade, Ashland and much more. Call us today and make an order!

    We offer a massive array of disposable clothing, varying in type, size and material. Since clean and sanitary conditions are so important for foodservice businesses, staff spends a lot of time cleaning. Choose powdered latex glove and latex free lab coat with collar to wear your staff when they clean up your commercial kitchen. Produced from high quality materials, they boast excellent resistance to grease, oil and water. Featuring superior resistance to acids, alkalis and ketones, our disposable gloves will ensure a solid protection and ultimate flexibility in use for your staff, especially those who work in janitorial service. McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies disposable bouffant hairnets, non woven beard covers and paper overseas caps always come in handy when you need to maintain high level hygiene. For all your stuff we have practical white poly aprons, which are designed to prevent raw juices, oils and other liquids from seeping through to your clothing.

    Also, check out our products in the Mops, Heads & Accessories and Chemicals For Kitchen Cleaning sections to save time and money while cleaning.