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  1. Winco WLC-12, Wire Cake Leveler
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  2. Winco CKM-68, Cake Marker - 6x8
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  3. Winco CKM-69, Cake Marker - 6x9
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  4. Winco CKM-610, Cake Marker - 6x10
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Pie/Cake Cutters & Markers

Cake Cutters And Markers - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Our heavy-duty pie/cake cutters and markers are essential additions to your baking supplies since these items provide an excellent way to cut the variety of baked goods. A cake cutter makes it easy to score the top of cakes or pies so you achieve even slices every time. Designed with thick, smooth blades you can cut through items like cheesecake and crème pies.

For every type and size of foodservice operation McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers different kinds of pie cutters and markers:

  • Double-Sided Cake Markers
  • 6 Slice Pie Cutters
  • 10 Cut Cake Markers
  • 12 Cut Pie Markers
  • Wire Cake Levelers

    McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers competitive prices for the purchase of baking smallwares by reputable vendors such as Thunder Group, Ateco and Winco.

    With these handy tools evenly sliced pieces of cake look great in diner cases, refrigerated bakery displays, buffets and other foodservice settings. Use our cutters and markers to create perfectly sizes pieces and make your baked goods a feast for the eyes as well as the plate. We offer a fascinating array of sizes, shapes and materials to maximize your kitchen’s operation processes. Choose our stainless steel pie cutter to easily cut pies, cakes an other pastry into 6 pieces in a second. Its constructions is very solid and long lasting. Use stainless steel wire cake leveler to remove the cake dome and create a flat surface for frosting and decorating. It's a must-have for making beautiful, thinly layered cakes and tortes. If you are wondering where to buy pie/cake cutters and markers, we have a large selection of pie/cake cutters and markers for sale at the lowest prices.

    Browse our McDonald Paper website to find Cookie Cutters and Displayware & Cases sections for more decorating and displaying supplies.