Refrigerated Bakery Cases

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  1. Turbo Air TCDD-72H-R(W)-N 6-Inch Deli Case, High (3 Tiers)
    SKU: TCDD-72H-R(W)-N
  2. Turbo Air TCDD-72L-R(W)-N 6-Inch Deli Case, Low (2 Tiers)
    SKU: TCDD-72L-R(W)-N
  3. Turbo Air TCDD-36H-R(W)-N 3-Inch Deli Case, High (3 Tiers)
    SKU: TCDD-36H-R(W)-N
  4. Turbo Air TCGB-36-R(W)-N 3-Inch Refrigerated Bakery Case
    SKU: TCGB-36-R(W)-N
  5. Turbo Air TCGB-48DR-R(W)-N 4-Inch Dry Bakery Case
    SKU: TCGB-48DR-R(W)-N
  6. Turbo Air TCDD-96H-R(W)-N 8-Inch Deli Case, High (3 Tiers)
    SKU: TCDD-96H-R(W)-N
  7. Turbo Air TCGB-72-R(W)-N 6-Inch Refrigerated Bakery Case
    SKU: TCGB-72-R(W)-N
  8. Turbo Air TCDD-36L-R(W)-N 3-Inch Deli Case, Low (2 Tiers)
    SKU: TCDD-36L-R(W)-N
  9. Turbo Air TCGB-60DR-R(W)-N 5-Inch Dry Bakery Case
    SKU: TCGB-60DR-R(W)-N
  10. Turbo Air TCGB-60-R(W)-N 5-Inch Refrigerated Bakery Case
    SKU: TCGB-60-R(W)-N
  11. Turbo Air TCDD-48H-R(W)-N 4-Inch Deli Case, High (3 Tiers)
    SKU: TCDD-48H-R(W)-N
  12. Turbo Air TCGB-48-R(W)-N 4-Inch Refrigerated Bakery Case
    SKU: TCGB-48-R(W)-N
  13. Turbo Air TCDD-48L-R(W)-N 4-Inch Deli Case, Low (2 Tiers)
    SKU: TCDD-48L-R(W)-N
  14. Turbo Air TCDD-96L-R(W)-N 8-Inch Deli Case, Low (2 Tiers)
    SKU: TCDD-96L-R(W)-N
  15. Turbo Air TCGB-72DR-R(W)-N 6-Inch Dry Bakery Case
    SKU: TCGB-72DR-R(W)-N
  16. Turbo Air TCGB-36DR-R(W)-N 3-Inch Dry Bakery Case
    SKU: TCGB-36DR-R(W)-N
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27 Items

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Refrigerated Bakery Cases

Refrigerated And Dry Bakery Cases by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Whether you run a cafeteria, bakery, convenience store or other foodservice establishment, our commercial bakery display cases will increase the visibility of your pastry. We provide refrigerated bakery cases as well as dry ones depending on the types of baked goods you are storing. Keep your pies, muffins, sandwiches and desserts at safe serving temperature with these dry and refrigerated bakery cases.

If you're wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice business, make sure to check our bakery display cases options:

  • Countertop Desktop Refrigerated Displays
  • Cordless Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases
  • Carousel Pastry Display Counters
  • Dry Bakery Display Cases
  • Curved Glass Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases
  • Refrigerated High Bakery Display Cases
  • Portable Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

 Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as Marchia Display Company, Turbo Air, Universal Coolers, Omcan, Leader and others, you can choose best refrigerated bakery display cases and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

If you are wondering what is the cost of refrigerated cases for bakery - prices vary depending on a brand and sizes. We have options of dry and refrigerated bakery cases that cost from $2,000 up to $5,000.

Commercial Grade Refrigerated Bakery Cases Options

McDonald Paper offers units of miscellaneous constructions, you can always find the ideal display for your specific needs. Our restaurant refrigerated bakery display cases feature heavy duty evaporators and condensers, modern air circulation systems and defrost timers. Curved or straight glass, countertop or upright - show your bakery goods in the best way!

Our self-contained refrigerated high bakery display case features an advanced cooling system, including oversized evaporator/condenser to offer a better performance and cool faster. Inside temperature holds at 37°-40°F, while reliability is ensured by the defrost timer system, which prevents icing. Such display cases come with adjustable epoxy wire shelves and independently wired shelf lights.

Choose curved glass dry refrigerated bakery display case for displaying many types of pastries that do not require refrigeration, such as bagels, cookies, and muffins. This item is perfect to draw attention to your bakery goods and serve them at room temperature or warmed up.

Refrigerated countertop bakery display cases are made to showcase your food and to increase impulse sales. Providing an easy access for grab-and-go drinks and baked goods. Ideal option for a bakery or deli to merchandise freshly-made treats.

For any of your needs we have appropriate items!

When warming is what your pastries need, we can offer our Heated Display Cases. And for deli foods, you are welcome to look through the Deli Cases section.

McDonald Paper has been a reliable supplier of commercial refrigerated bakery cases for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner.

Looking where to find the most affordable refrigerated bakery display cases for sale? Visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality and variety of refrigerated cases for bakery.