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  1. Atosa MBF8007GR Top Mount Freezer- Right Hinged
    SKU: MBF8007GR
  2. Atosa MBF8007GRL Top Mount Freezer- Left Hinged
    SKU: MBF8007GRL
  3. Atosa MBC50 50-Inch Bottle Cooler
    SKU: MBC50
  4. Atosa MBC65 65-Inch Bottle Cooler
    SKU: MBC65
  5. Atosa MBC80 80-Inch Bottle Cooler
    SKU: MBC80
  6. Atosa MKC23 23-Inch KEG Cooler
    SKU: MKC23
  7. Atosa MKC58 58-Inch KEG Cooler
    SKU: MKC58
  8. Atosa MKC68 68-Inch KEG Cooler
    SKU: MKC68
  9. Atosa MKC90 90-Inch KEG Cooler
    SKU: MKC90
  10. Atosa CYR700P 700LB Ice Bin
    SKU: CYR700P
  11. Atosa CookRite ATCM-36 Infrared Cheese Melter
    SKU: ATCM-36
  12. Atosa MBF8006GR Top Mount 3-Door Refrigerator
    SKU: MBF8006GR
  13. Atosa MPF8203GR 93-Inch 3-Door Pizza Prep Table
    SKU: MPF8203GR
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Items 1-40 of 99

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Founded in 2003, Atosa is a trusted Chinese brand of hi-tech commercial kitchen equipment. As a manufacturer and distributor of commercial kitchen equipment, Atosa was founded in Hangzhou. This company is a council member of Kitchenware Industry Chamber of Commerce of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Yindu Catering Equipment Ltd., the parent company of Atosa is the biggest manufacturer of high-end commercial kitchenware in China. Since the founding of Atosa in 2003, the company’s sales have been witnessing exponential annual growth. With its sales network branching in 100 countries and regions in the world, the company has set up four affiliates in the UK, France, Germany and Italy as well as other twelve in the USA. By doing so, the global sales network of Atosa was firmly established.

As a professional manufacturer of commercial refrigeration and kitchenware equipment with factories space floor of over 400 thousand square meters, Atosa is an integration of R&D, design, manufacturing and sales, dedicated to providing top-quality products and professional services. By equipping itself with cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and technologies from Italy, Japan and Germany, being capable of doing R&D for over 300 commercial refrigeration appliances and kitchenware equipment and powered by top-level R&D teams in China, Atosa is endeavor to delivering products with world class quality.

Atosa offers products ranging from commercial refrigerators and freezers, western kitchenware equipment to buffet equipment, ice machines and cabinets. Currently the company boasts an annual capacity of producing 500 thousand commercial refrigerators, 3 million sets of buffet equipment, 200 thousand western kitchenware equipment, 100 thousand ice machines and 100 thousand cabinets. Atosa manufactures and distributes a broad range of reach-in refrigerators, upright coolers and freezers, undercounter and worktop refrigeration, sandwich prep tables, glass door merchandisers, gas fryers, charbroilers and more. Since the brand is truly dedicated to being green and healthy, all of Atosa's products utilize CFC-free refrigerants in their refrigeration systems, creating an environmentally safe foodservice solution that suits any restaurateur's needs.

Combining quality and ingenuity, Atosa is eager to satisfy all customers’ needs and requirements. Check our Atosa products list and find an excellent reliable gadget that will add efficiency to your kitchen, saving your time and money.