Restaurant prep is crucial to the flow of every kitchen. If there are bottlenecks during the preparation process, the entire shift will be slower. The best food processors cut down on prepping foods and allow chefs to get food on plates faster.

In this article, we're going to uncover the best-rated food processors on the market.

What to Look for in the Best Commercial Food Processors

Food processor reviews are only good if you know what makes one restaurant food processor better than another. A few of the features and specs that you'll want to consider when comparing models are:

  • Capacity: Two quarts of holding capacity to easily process large quantities of food.
  • Feeds: The feed allows you to add food into the processor for easy chopping. Multiple feed options are an excellent addition if the processor is going to be used for foods of varying sizes, such as long or larger vegetables.
  • Speed: Multiple speed options aren't necessary, but they allow you to blend food with greater precision.
  • Modes: Multiple mode options may be available, but they're not a necessity. Pulse mode is one option that isn't a 100% requirement, but it does allow chefs more control when processing ingredients.

The next step to finding the best commercial food processor is to look at the top models on the market this year. And we've already done the hard work for you to help you find the food processors that we like the most.


5 Top Commercial Food Processors

best rated food processors

1. Eurodib MINICOOKER, 2 Qt Stainless Steel Food Processor Review

Eurodib's commercial food processors are perfect for prepping food. The unit is made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. The all-in-one unit does two things:

  1. Blends foods using a thermal blender that comes with versatile features that grind and grate food.
  2. Bakes and steams with induction heating that rapidly heats to the desired temperature.

When choosing this model, it's crucial to know that the holding capacity is two quarts.

Click here to view the Eurodib MINICOOKER Food Processor

2. Robot Coupe R2DICE, 3-Quart Food Processor, ETL Review

Robot Coupe is a three-quart food processor that provides high performance and versatility with multiple mode options. The unit has stainless steel blades, a dicing kit, and discs that are easy to clean after use.

Chefs can use this unit to rapidly:

  • Chop
  • Dice
  • Slice

The motor runs at 2 horsepower and comes with a single-speed operation. Chefs can use a pulse mode to chop food and run the unit at 1,725 RPM to chop ingredients finely.

Click here to view the Robot Coupe R2DICE, 3-Quart Food Processor

3. Robot Coupe R2N, 3-Quart Food Processor, ETL Review

The perfect food processor for restaurants, the Robot Coupe is very similar to the last model on our list. However, this model offers you some of the industry's best features, such as:

Three-quart capacity:

  • "S" blades to process foods rapidly
  • 1 HP motor with direct drive power
  •  Attachment specifically for vegetables
  • Pulse option for greater precision

Dual stainless-steel discs make it effortless to prep food to perfection. Silent operation without vibrations is possible thanks to the ball bearings in the motor. Even a transparent lid has been added to the unit to allow you to see all ingredients to ensure that they're perfectly processed.

Two feed openings make it easy to add small or large items, such as veggies and fruits, to the unit for prepping.

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Click here to view the Robot Coupe R2N, 3-Quart Food Processor

4. Nemco CC-32S, 2-Speed Combination Food Processor Review

Nemco's CC-32S is a combo food processor that helps chefs get more done in the kitchen in less time. When trying to streamline the kitchen and prep process, it's possible with the CC-32S and its three-quart capacity, stainless steel bowl, and continuous feed ability.

The CC-32S has some of the industry's top features, such as:

  • 2-speed options for greater control over food processing
  • Three-quart holding capacity
  • Continuous feed that processes massive amounts of food quickly
  • 1-1/3 HP motor

Two discs are provided with the unit, including one model with a 5/32" slicing disc and a 5/64" grating disc. A wide opening allows for large fruits and vegetables to be continuously fed into the processor.

Heat is kept to a minimum thanks to the three-scraper system that scrapes the sides of the bowl to feed more of the food back into the bowl. Five pounds of food can be processed per minute. Top speeds range from 500 to 1,450 RPM.

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5. Robot Coupe R101P, 2.5-Quart Food Processor, ETL Review

The R101P is a multi-function food processor that runs on a single-phase function yet allows smaller restaurants to chop, knead, grind and even emulsify ingredients in seconds. The combination processor has a bowl that holds up to 1.9L of material in the brushed stainless-steel bowl.

Twin blade assembly allows you to process small and large quantities of ingredients.

Blades include:

  • Coarse blade with the option to knead and grind foods
  • Serrated blade perfect for herbs and spices

The lid comes with two hoppers, including a large hopper for large, bulky vegetables and a precision cut option that can rapidly process larger, delicate vegetables and fruits.

An industrial induction motor allows restaurants to process foods confidently. The ball-bearing motor design further improves the unit's motor reliability, reduces maintenance requirements, and ensures that the model can run without vibrations or loud noises.

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Pulse options are available for even greater control over food processing.

Food processors are integral in every commercial kitchen. If you're trying to find ways to free up chef resources and make the food prep process as quick and efficient as possible, the models we listed previously are a great option.

If you're still unsure if one of the models above is a good choice for you, please click here to look through all of our food processors for sale.