If you run a deli, bakery or cafГ©, you know that having a refrigerated deli case is a must-have item. We have many deli cases for sale in virtually every price range, size and style.

Let's take a closer look at some of our best-selling models in this refrigerated deli cases review.

Our Best Selling Refrigerated Deli Cases

refrigerated deli display cases

Leader ERHD72

The ERHD72 is one of our top deli display cases for sale from Leader. The case is a self-contained unit with a gravity coil and is specially designed to display your deli items. It's ideal for meats, cheese and vegetables.

If you're looking for true deli cases, the ERHD72 is an excellent option.

Technical Specs

  • 1/2 HP, bottom-mounted compressor
  • Over-sized gravity coil
  • Interior temperature range of 34В° to 40В°F
  • Defrost timer system to prevent icing
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Aluminum interior
  • Dimensions: 72" W x 53" H
  • Weight: 520 lbs.

Coldline DC80-SS

The DC80-SS from Coldline is one of the best-selling curved deli display cases. Its sleek appearance, durability, and efficiency make it a great option for delis, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants.

The case features a black-coated exterior and stainless steel trim. The curved front glass gives customers an unobstructed view of your items, and the sliding glass rear doors allow for quick and easy access to deli case items.

This model has an electronic control system and is outfitted with durable PVC-coated shelves. In addition, the refrigeration system ensures that foods are kept at safe temperatures.

Technical Specs

  • 3/4 HP refrigeration system w/R290 refrigerant
  • Dimensions: 80" W x 48" H x 32.5" L
  • Weight: 507 lbs.
  • Stainless steel and glass construction

Universal Coolers SA113-c

The SA113-c features 144" curved glass and a remote system. The open construction and illuminated displays make it easy for customers to browse and choose which item they want to purchase.

When it's time to close, a night guard can be rolled down to cover the front section of the case and deter shoplifters.

The case itself has Formica sides, stainless steel shelving, and a white aluminum interior. Easy to clean and highly durable, this unit is one of our top commercial deli cases.

It's important to note that this unit does not come with a compressor because it's designed to be used with a remote-controlled system.

Technical Specs

  • Works with remote-controlled systems
  • Offers a temperature range of 34В°F-50В°F
  • Dimensions: 148" W x 47" L x 48" H
  • Weight: 656 lbs.
  • Night guard
  • Curved glass
  • Aluminum interior

refrigerated deli cases

Coldline CD60

The CD60 is ideal for displaying desserts and baked goods, including cakes, pies, eclairs, and more. This bakery display offers three shelves, LED interior lighting, and an advanced refrigeration system.

Sliding rear doors make it easy to load and unload food items. The case also features low-profile casters with locks, which allows you to move the case if needed.

A modern stainless steel finish ensures that this case looks great in any cafГ©, bakery or deli.

Technical Specs

  • Stainless steel base and walls
  • Tempered glass
  • Sliding rear doors
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Holds temperatures between 36В°F and 43В°F
  • Dimensions: 60" W x 28.75" L x 55" H
  • Weight: 555 lbs.

Universal Coolers POC-75

Made by a leading deli cases manufacturer, the POC-75 is one of our biggest open deli cases. The 75" open refrigerated display case is ideal not only for delis and bakeries but also for convenience stores and gas stations.

The open display gives customers easy access to items, boosting impulse purchases. In addition, a digital temperature controller makes it easy to ensure that items are kept at just the right temperature. There's also a night curtain that can be pulled down for power-saving purposes.

Bright LED lights and adjustable shelves make this case a great option for stores and eateries.

Technical Specs

  • Temperature range of 35.6В° - 50В°F
  • Night guard to save on power
  • 4 adjustable shelves
  • LED lights
  • Dimensions: 76" W x 27" L x 79" H
  • Weight: 551 lbs.

Turbo Air TOS-50NN

The TOS-50NN is one of many refrigerated deli display cases from this brand that's designed for displaying sandwiches and cheese. One great advantage of this unit is that it has a plug-and-play design. As a result, there's no complicated setup or additional equipment or plumbing required.

The unit is entirely self-contained. Other convenient features include a digital thermostat, defrost control, solar-powered thermometer, casters with locks and a sleek silver design.

Technical Specs

  • Self-contained refrigerated display case
  • Digital thermostat and thermometer
  • Foamed-in-place structure with CFC-free polyurethane insulation
  • Uses hydrocarbon refrigerants, which are eco-friendly
  • 3" swivel casters with locks
  • Dimensions: 50.25" W X 35" L x 40" H
  • Weight: 664 lbs.

Turbo Air TOM-72L

Featuring a plug-and-play design, the TOM-72L is both sleek and functional. This low-profile, open display case allows for maximum visibility and is outfitted with reinforced tempered glass for added safety. This model is ideal for displaying cold drinks, salads, desserts, and sandwiches.

Plus, the two-shelf design allows you to maximize vertical space.

Like other Turbo Air cases, this model uses hydrocarbon refrigerants, which are better for the environment compared to other refrigerants.

Technical Specs

  • Plug-and-play installation
  • No plumbing required
  • Digital thermostat and thermometer
  • Defrost control
  • Silver exterior
  • Dimensions: 70.75" W x 33" L x 52.5" H
  • Weight: 854 lbs.

Marchia MDCC125

If you're looking for a countertop refrigerated display case, the MDCC125 from Marchia is a great option. Offering a compact footprint, this unit is ideal for small delis, bakeries, cafГ©s, and eateries.

The stainless steel construction ensures durability, while the black coating allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Internal LEDs along the top of the unit illuminate your displayed items and encourage impulse purchases.

The case offers adjustable temperature control and a vented cooling system to keep foods at a safe temperature.

Technical Specs

  • Countertop design
  • Internal LEDs
  • Vented cooling system
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Dimensions: 22.6" W x 27.7" L x 27" H
  • Weight: 123 lbs.

Final Word

A refrigerated deli case is a must-have for delis, bakeries and cafes. However, grocers, convenience stores, and small restaurants can also benefit from a refrigerated display case. Not only do you give customers more options, but you'll also boost impulse purchases.