A beer dispenser is one of the best investments you can make in your bar. Customers prefer draft beer over bottled or canned. Why? Because draft beer is fresher.

Freshness has a significant impact on the flavor of the beer.

But to keep the drinks flowing, you need to invest in a quality beer dispenser. Self-contained units have built-in refrigeration to keep your kegs at just the right temperature for serving.

Making the decision to purchase a beer dispenser is the easy part. Finding the right model can feel like an overwhelming process because there are so many options.

We’re going to share our top picks for the best beer dispensers, but first, let’s cover another important thing: what to look for when buying your unit.

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What to Look for When Buying Beer Dispensers

When searching for beer dispensers, there are several things to consider. One of the primary things to keep in mind is how many draws the dispenser has, but it’s also important to think about the cooling component.

Many establishments have separate cooling components to keep the beer at the ideal temperature of 46 degrees Fahrenheit. However, beer dispensers often have refrigerated systems built-in, including many models that you’ll find in our shop.

Along with the cooling system, you will need to consider whether you need:

  • One draw
  • Double draw
  • Triple draw

Regardless of your needs, you can find commercial beer dispensers that fit your budget.

8 Best Beer Dispensers in 2024

New beer dispensers are worth the investment. Along with meeting customer demand for draft beer, you’ll also improve the efficiency of your bar.

Finding the right model doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or time-consuming process. Here are some of our top-rated beer dispensers:

1. Coldline CDD-48 48-inch Refrigerated Direct Draw Beer Dispenser with 1 Spout

Coldline’s CDD-48 dispenser is a 48” model, which makes it ideal for modest-sized bars. It's a single-spout unit with a temperature range of 33°F and 41°F. 

The electronic control system is convenient, and the stainless-steel construction is both durable and corrosion-resistant. This unit has self-closing doors with locks, heavy-duty PVC coated shelves and interior LED lighting.

This unit holds wall kegs or barrels in refrigerated sections to keep beer flowing on demand.

2. Turbo Air TBD-1SBD-N6 Underbar 1 Keg Beer Dispenser, Black Vinyl Ext.

Turbo Air’s TBD-1SBD-N6 is an underbar unit, and one of our most compact beer dispensers for bars. It’s a self-contained system with an anti-corrosion coated evaporator and a two-way tapper manifold.

The 32” interior height can accommodate a variety of keg sizes, and the stainless steel countertop is durable, corrosion-resistant and easy to keep clean.

The TBD-1SBD-N6 uses hydrocarbon refrigerants and offers a temperature range of 33°F and 38°F.

3. Coldline CDD-72 72-inch Refrigerated Direct Draw Beer Dispenser, 19.6 Cu.Ft.

Coldline’s CD-72 is a longer unit – 72 inches – but it has two dispensing towers. Offering 19.6 cubic feet of space, this unit can hold three half-sized kegs.

Inside, you’ll find LED lighting, and the doors are self-closing with locks.

The CD-72 has a built-in electronic control system and offers a temperature range of 33°F and 41°F. The built-in heavy-duty casters come pre-installed with brakes, so you can easily and safely move this unit when needed.

4. Maxx Cold MXBD24-1B One Keg Beer Tower / Dispenser

Maxx Cold’s one keg beer tower is a convenient choice for small bars or if you only offer one beer on tap. This unit holds 1 barrel and has a storage capacity of 7.2 cubic feet.

The self-contained unit uses forced air refrigeration to cool the tower and cabinet. It also has a slide-out condensing unit, which makes maintenance simple and easy.

The MXBD24-1B has a holding temperature of 34°F and 41°F and uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant. 

With a compact footprint, this unit will fit into just about any bar.

5. Maxx Cold MXBD48-1BHC Two Keg Beer Tower / Dispenser

If you need a bigger unit than the previous one, Maxx Cold also offers a two-keg beer tower that can hold up to two barrels. This unit has a storage capacity of 10.5 cubic feet and also offers self-contained forced air refrigeration to keep the keg cool.

The ergonomic recessed handles are convenient for staff and can be locked for added safety and security. This unit also comes with adjustable wire shelves (two for each section).

With a temperature range of 34°F and 41°F and a slide-out condensing unit, this beer dispenser is a great option for any bar.

6. Turbo Air TBD-4SBD-N Underbar 4 Keg Beer Dispenser

The Turbo Air TBD-4SBD-N is an underbar unit that’s ideal for larger and busier bars. This unit is a 4-keg beer dispenser that boasts a self-contained refrigerator system and anti-corrosion coated evaporator.

The unit comes with swivel casters as a standard option and offers a temperature range of 33°F and 38°F. The stainless steel construction adds to the durability of this unit, which is easy to clean and maintain.

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7. Maxx Cold MXBD60-1SHC Two Keg, One Tower Beer Dispenser

If you’re looking for a beer dispenser that’s built to last, the Maxx Cold MXBD60-1SHC is a great choice. This unit boasts an all-stainless-steel construction and can hold up to two kegs.

The interior storage spans about 14.2 cubic feet. 

The unit has a self-contained, forced-air refrigeration system and a slide-out condensing unit for easy maintenance. It offers a holding temperature of 34°F and 41°F to keep your beer at just the right temperature for serving.

8. Blue Air BDD23-1B-HC, 23-inch 1 Solid Door Black Beer Dispenser with Tower

Blue Air’s BDD23-1B-HC beer dispenser has a single dispensing tower and tap. Its compact footprint is ideal for fitting into even the smallest bars. Plus, the built-in casters make it easy to move this unit around. Just plug it in and start pouring.

The BDD23-1B-HC uses environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants and a temperature range of 33°F-39°F.

Final Thoughts

Beer dispensers are a smart investment for any bar, and finding the right model doesn’t have to be complicated. The units on our list are built to last and will keep your kegs or barrels at the ideal temperature for serving.