Whether served alongside a burger, fried chicken or on its own, French fries are a classic side dish at just about every restaurant. But when it comes to presentation, fries could use a little love. If you're still serving meals with a pile of fries on the side, it may be time to change things up a bit.

Pails, baskets, bags and cups not only make French fries more attractive – they also save space on plates.

Here's how to serve French fries in a fun unique way:

1. Mini Pails

Mini pails are a fun and creative way to serve French fries. Not only are they portable, but they also keep the fries separated from the rest of the meal.

Serving the fries upright and wrapped in attractive paper gives this famous fried side a complete makeover. Pails also save space on plates. If you get creative enough, you can get rid of plates altogether. We've seen burgers served on mini cutting boards with a pail of fries on the side.

With a wide range of options – from stainless steel serving pails to galvanized pails – you're sure to find a product that matches your restaurant's style. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes – from narrow to wide and small to tall.

2. Mini Fry Baskets

Take your fries from basket to table. The mini fry basket is a favorite among restaurant patrons because it's portable and adds interest to the plate.

Just like with the mini pail, the French fry basket helps fries stay crispy by keeping them separated from the rest of the meal. A vertical presentation makes the fries more appetizing and easy to snack on.

Fries baskets are just a fun and cute way to serve this side dish, especially when paired alongside slider burgers and other finger foods. They're versatile, too. You can serve other fried foods in them, like popcorn shrimp, onion rings or even fried chicken.

3. Paper Fry Cups and Bags

Dress up your restaurant's to-go orders with specially designed fry cups and bags. From cones to classic fry cups and even closable containers, there are many creative and disposable serving options for French fries.

Whether you prefer the classic brown paper, a red checkered pattern or a unique newsprint design, you're sure to find a French fries paper bag that suits your restaurant.

French fry bags made with eco-friendly materials also help reduce your impact on the environment and make customers feel good about eating at your establishment.

4. Cone and Wire French Fry Baskets

Cone and wire serving baskets are classic serving options that never go out of style and are very versatile.

You'll find single-serve cones with condiment holders for easy dipping. You'll also find tiered options that allow you to serve multiple sides or servings of fries at once. Fries can be served in cups, cones or paper for a more attractive presentation.

Cones and wire baskets also come in a variety of colors and styles.

5. Mugs and Glasses

Repurpose these classic restaurant staples and make them part of your French fry presentation. Simple glasses and mugs make for excellent serving containers. Just wrap your fries in fun and interesting paper to jazz up the presentation.

This serving option may be a great fit for a restaurant on a tighter budget, as you can simply repurpose the glassware and mugs you already have.

How Much Will All of This Cost?

If you're ready to change up your fry serving routine, you may be wondering how much these extra little supplies will cost. The answer? A lot less than you think. And you can save money by purchasing supplies in bulk.

Here's a breakdown of how much you can expect to spend on fry baskets, pails and paper.

Fries ServeWare

Cheap vs. Expensive Option

Mini Pails

$2.67 per 1pc - Winco DDSA-104S (3 inch, s/s)
$13.99 per 1pc - Clipper Mill 4-80818 (4.5 inch, s/s)

Wrapping Paper & Liners

$3.99 per 500pcs - Handy Wacks EZ6P (6x10 inch)
$21.99 per 1000pc - Handy Wacks FDP12FL-X (12x12 inch, flag print)

Mini Fry Baskets

$3.85 per 1pc - Winco FBM-433T (4x3x3 inch)
$12.7 per 1pc - Clipper Mill 4-81868 (5x4x3)

Fry Cups & Bags

$1.99 per 1pc - Thunder Group SLFFC001 (13 oz., s/s)
$4.58 per 1pc - Winco SFC-35H (3.25 inch, s/s)

Cone & Wire Serving Baskets

$4.68 per 1pc - Winco WBKH-5 (1-cone basket)
$9.03 per 1pc - Winco WBKH-10 (3-cone basket)


$7.02 per 6pcs - Durobor 537/11 (3 oz.)
$28.25 per 12pcs - Libbey L5277 (2 oz.)


Whether you choose to serve your fries in a pail, bag, cone or basket, patrons will love the presentation. Not sure where to buy your new fry serveware? Check out our catalog.