How to Choose the Best Gas Griddle for Your Restaurant

There are several things to consider when choosing a gas griddle for your commercial kitchen, including:

Griddle Width and Depth

One of the most important considerations is the griddle’s width and depth. 

  • Depths typically range from 20-30 inches
  • Widths typically range from 24-72 inches

The size you choose will determine how much food you can cook in a single batch. 

But it’s important to keep your space in mind when considering width and depth. The wider and deeper the griddle, the more space it will take up.

When considering size, also remember that griddles will require a certain amount of clearance or space between the unit and surrounding walls and equipment. 


Gas griddles can have basic manual controls or more precise thermostatic controls. Precise controls allow chefs to set the exact cooking temperature. Most griddles with this type of design will have a temperature range of 150- and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

There are three main types of thermostatic controls:

  • Modulating: Modulating thermostatic controls only provide a temperature accuracy of 30- or 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the most affordable, this type of griddle is the least accurate when it comes to thermostat options.
  • Snap-action: These thermostats have a temperature accuracy of within 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it more precise than a modulating thermostat.
  • Solid-state: These thermostats are found on heavy-duty griddles, and they are the most accurate of thermostatic controls. They have an accuracy of within 5 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Weigh your options when it comes to controls and choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

Plate Finish and Thickness

Two other important considerations are plate thickness and finish.

A thicker griddle plate will be more durable and able to withstand heavy use. It will also be able to heat more evenly and stay hotter for longer. Thinner griddles, however, do have the advantage of being able to heat up more quickly.

Once you've determined which thickness level is ideal for your kitchen, you’ll need to consider the plate’s finish. 

Most commercial-grade griddles have either a steel alloy finish or stainless steel. Some have a top layer of chrome, which helps create a non-stick surface and reduces the need for oiling the surface when cooking. Chrome is also less likely to give food a metallic taste.

These are the most important things to consider when choosing a griddle for your restaurant. Don't forget to keep your budget in mind, as it will likely be a deciding factor in your purchase.

top rated gas griddles

Our Top Rated Gas Griddles and Gas Griddles Reviews

We stock some of the top gas griddles in the world. Our most popular items are listed below:

1. Eurodib T-G24, 24-inch Stainless Steel Manual Gas Griddle, 60 000 BTU

The T-G24 is a 24-inch stainless steel gas griddle that’s perfect for cooking:

  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Eggs
  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Meats
  • Virtually anything

The grill has a length of 29.1” and a width of 24.6.” A polished cooking surface is easy to clean and maintain. The grill’s 60,000 BTU is high enough to add the cooking flexibility that you need to upgrade your menu.

Four adjustable feet allow you to position the grill on any surface, and there’s a removable waste tray underneath to remove oil or fat. Manual controls and two “U” shaped burners allow you precision control.

Eurodib’s T-G24 cooking space spans 24” x 20”.

Click here to view more information.

2. Eurodib T-G48, 48-inch Stainless Steel Manual Gas Griddle, 120 000 BTU

Eurodib’s T-G48 gas griddle is very similar to the previous model on our list, but you have double the cooking space and a staggering 120,000 BTU. This model has:

  • 3/4" rear gas connection
  • 4 U-shaped burners
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Four adjustable feet
  • Removable waste tray

Four large dials on the front of the griddle allow you to adjust the heat of each burner. Independent cooking zones allow you to cook multiple food items in each zone at a different temperature level.

Product dimensions are 48.6” W x 29.1” D x 18.9” H.

The total cooking space of this propane stainless steel grill is 48” x 20.”

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3. Sierra SRMG-36, 36-Inch Heavy-Duty Manual Gas Griddle with 3 Burners, 69,000 BTU

Sierra offers one of the best gas grill griddle combo options with three gas burners and 69,000 BTU. Steel griddle plates and U-shaped burners allow you to cook any food item with uniform temperature levels.

the SRMG-36 features:

  • 6” landing edge
  • 2-5/8” grease trough
  • 3 U-shaped burners
  • Removable grease tray
  • Aeration base

Each flute offers instant burner ignition. The unit’s griddle plates are 3/4" thick and easy to clean. Tri-sliding temperature controls allow you to operate each of the three burners for precision temperature control.

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4. Admiral Craft BDCTG-60T, 60-inch Black Diamond Countertop Gas Griddle with Thermostatic Controls, 150,000 BTU

Admiral Craft’s best gas griddle for medium-sized restaurants is the five-burner BDCTG-60T, featuring 150,000 BTU and 30,000 BTU to each burner. A rear NPT gas connection and individual standing pilot lights allow you to control each of the five cooking zones with ease.

This model features:

  • Dimensions of 32” L x 60” W x 16” H
  • 20” cooking depth
  • Adjustable heavy-duty legs
  • 1” thick stainless steel griddle plate
  • Drip tray

The extra thick griddle plate allows for long periods of high-heat cooking.

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Didn’t find the best gas griddle grill for your eatery? We have a large selection of options that didn’t make our list.

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